2022 BMW M5 CS F90 — most commented, vertical

2022 BMW M5 CS F90

2022 BMW M5 CS F90

2022 BMW M5 CS F90
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Votren De Este Votren De Este 2 years ago #

Excess all areas. Okay, I’m old and old school. I remember reading Cars and Car Conversions and then Performance Car before progressing on to evo. However, the huge size, massive power and ridiculous costs of many of the cars featured in your pages of late are making them completely irrelevant to all but a privileged few, not to mention irrelevant on most of our finest roads.

The £140k, 626bhp, 1825kg BMW M5 CS; the £5million, 836bhp Aston Martin Victor; the £117k, 616bhp, 2320kg Porsche Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo…are these cars really made for driving?

I’m happy with my lightly modified 30th Anniversary Mazda MX-5. £25k new, cheap to run, insure, maintain and modify. I can revel in country B-roads (on which it easily fits), wringing the sweet little naturally aspirated motor to the red line on every precise manual gearchange, working to carry every possible mph onto the next straight, feeling the little car move under me on its skinny 205-section tyres – and loving every second! Is it just me, or am I missing something?

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