1969 Plymouth GTX

1969 Plymouth GTX

Unveiling Gary Simpson’s 1969 Plymouth GTX: A Journey from Neglect to Glory

Gary Simpson’s affection for classic automobiles has found its pinnacle in the restoration and cherishing of a remarkable 1969 Plymouth GTX. Far more than a boisterous Mopar muscle car, this GTX holds a rich history intertwined with family memories and a relentless pursuit of automotive excellence.

Journey to Redemption

Transported to the UK in 1973, this 1969 Plymouth GTX, resplendent in glossy black, has weathered the tides of time. Initially destined for abandonment in a garden, fate intervened, offering a chance at revival—a chance ultimately seized by Gary Simpson.

1969 Plymouth GTX

The automotive landscape in Eighties Glasgow lacked the vibrancy of today’s bustling car scene, but Gary’s father, Alex, instilled in him an enduring love for classic cars. With a stable housing nine vehicles—encompassing classics like the Nissan Skyline R34, a rare 1965 Mercedes-Benz W111 SEB coupe, and a Bentley fulfilling family duties—Gary's automotive enthusiasm knew no bounds.

Evolution of Passion

Gary's journey to the 1969 Plymouth GTX took detours via the rambunctious roads of a '66 Dodge Coronet and a '67 Plymouth Barracuda. However, the quest for a balance between thrill and practicality persisted, leading to the GTX’s timely arrival, much to his family's surprise.

1969 Plymouth GTX

A fan of the legendary Plymouth Superbird, Gary was drawn to the GTX as a pragmatic alternative. Unlike its predecessors, the GTX retained a full standard interior, earning it nods of approval, notably from Gary’s wife, Maxine.

Redemption and Restoration

Unearthing the GTX’s history revealed its drag racing legacy, once sporting a supercharged 440 V8 and adorning colors of silver, blue, and ZZ Top-style stripes. Neglected in a grassy enclosure for years, it was the discerning eye of a Mopar enthusiast that spared the GTX from oblivion.

1969 Plymouth GTX

Shaun Senior initiated its restoration journey, passing the baton to Kevin Thompson and finally Jim Smith at Jim’s Autos, culminating in a top-tier restoration. The laborious process involved extensive metalwork, replacing panels, a fresh fuel tank, and meticulous welding, reviving the GTX’s charm in a striking deep gloss black.

Revitalization & Family Embrace

Under Gary’s meticulous care, the GTX underwent subtle modifications to enhance reliability and practicality without compromising its essence. Maintenance rituals became the norm, ensuring its prowess on the road while catering to family inclinations.

1969 Plymouth GTX

From replacing components to fine-tuning the stance, Gary’s dedication to maintaining the GTX mirrors his deep-rooted passion for Mopars and classic cars, ensuring its functionality aligns with familial needs.


Gary Simpson’s 1969 Plymouth GTX embodies more than mere automotive nostalgia. It symbolizes a journey from neglect to redemption, merging family values with a profound love for classic automobiles. Rooted in history, revived with passion, and embraced by the Simpson family, this GTX stands as a testament to enduring automotive excellence.

1969 Plymouth GTX - restoration

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