BMW 2002 Turbo E20

BMW 2002 Turbo E20BMW 2002 Turbo E20BMW 2002 Turbo E20BMW 2002 Turbo E20BMW 2002 Turbo E20BMW 2002 Turbo E20BMW 2002 Turbo E20
BMW 2002 Turbo E20
BMW 2002 Turbo E20
BMW 2002 Turbo E20
BMW 2002 Turbo E20
BMW 2002 Turbo E20
BMW 2002 Turbo E20
BMW 2002 Turbo E20
United Kingdom
There is a school of thought, usually perpetuated by the owners of the cars concerned, that the lower-powered versions of a flagship model are somehow the best, the ‘sweet spot’ of the range. The 1.6-litre 205 GTI handles better than the 1.9; the 1.6-litre MX-5 is a zingier engine than the 1.8… and true cognoscenti of Bavarian sporting saloons will swear that the Kugelfischer-injected tii is the 2002 of choice, rather than the full-fat turbo. But I’m a simple creature, and easily seduced by big numbers. Figures such as 170bhp (40bhp more than the tii), 6.8 secs to 60mph or 130mph flat-out – pretty impressive statistics for a 1990cc motor in the early ’70s. Long before BMW’s Motorsport division became known for its highly stressed, high-revving straight-sixes, it extracted more punch for the ’02 via forced induction – a method it has returned to in the emissions-obsessed modern era. You won’t find an ‘M’ badge here, but the colours of those lairy stripes will be familiar, and they are matched to some equally bold aerodynamic tweaks that add visual muscle to back up the uprated M10 motor. And is there anything cooler than the reversed ‘obrut’ script on the front spoiler, just in case cars ahead hadn’t already guessed that it’s time to get out of the way? Quite apart from the laggy but suitably hairy performance courtesy of that KKK turbocharger, this pumped-up little saloon also appeals for its rarity: just 1672 were built in total, 615 of them in this car’s Polaris Silver, and those numbers have been reduced by the model’s propensity to exit stage left when operated by insensitive hands (or, more pertinently, right feet). This 1974 car was supplied new to BMW Monaco and has covered just 45,684km, having spent much of its life safely tucked away in a Monte-Carlo underground garage and then a Luxembourg collection. It has since been carefully recommissioned and, according to vendor Jeremy Cottingham, drives beautifully. It’s had three owners and remains deliciously original: I love that it sits on steels rather than the common upgrade to Mahle alloys – along with the delicate chrome trim they contrast with the boxed arches and front airdam. The black cabin is lifted only by the red instrument binnacle and bright boost gauge, with the original three-spoke wheel and the attractive addition of a set of Cocomats. It’s practical, too, with a generous back seat and a huge boot – this is one homologation special that won’t be afraid of a touring holiday.
CHOSEN BY Alastair Clements
FOR Wild road-racer looks; originality; rarity
AGAINST Not exactly cheap, or subtle; engine bay needs detailing

This is perhaps the ultimate practical 1970s homologation hot rod, and its charm and scarcity should ensure that prices stay buoyant
BMW 2002 Turbo E20
Year of manufacture 1974
Recorded mileage 45,684km
Asking price £99,500
Vendor Cottingham Blue Chip London, Marble Arch; 020 3752 6550;
Price £4299
Max power 170bhp
Max torque 179lb ft
0-60mph 6.8 secs
Top speed 130mph
Mpg 18-25
VIN number WBAH56G578987087
Year 1974
Fuel Petrol
Displacement 2.0
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