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Ray Ingman 6 days ago #

Reference to our letters pages or hacking into our email account will reveal that there is quite a body of opinion that we give undue attention to the more traditional classics such as the E-type, XK and Mk2 models, to the exclusion of the more modern ‘Series’ XJs, XJ-Ss and XJ40. I find it vexing that, in the real world, I am most closely associated with XJ-Ss and series XJs. There is a certain irony that taking on the role as Editor of this esteemed journal led me to suppose that it might just be the trigger to getting on with one or two of my personal projects (see the partial horror in the accompanying images) in order to create some — hopefully interesting — content. I am further ashamed to admit, that whilst I own an unhealthy number of Jaguars, at the last count, precisely none of them are actually on the road. Over the years, I have had 420, Mk2, S-type E-type XJ-S and XJ12 Coupe as long term ‘daily drivers’, not to mention a number of ‘daily racers’….

Jaguar xjs

Whilst awaiting my return to active workshop service, rest assured that we are strenuously attempting to source suitable later model classics to sate your collective appetites. But this is where you come in: I’d consider it a personal favour you could spark my enthusiasm by sharing your own restoration and maintenance stories.

They can be as long or short as you desire, but they need to be illustrated. Please send them to me via the medium of electronic mail (, or if you prefer, interpretative dance…

Richard Bremner 15 days ago #

I have a 1985 V12 XJ-S and, after many years of largely trouble-free ownership, I am experiencing a cutting-out problem. The car will start and run perfectly from cold. Then, after a short, while the engine will start to hesitate and, later, cut out and refuse to restart unless left for around an hour. The problem is accompanied by an increase in noise from the fuel pump, which, incidentally, runs very hot to the touch.

Upon advice, I changed first the fuel filter and then the pump itself, both to little effect. Do you have any ideas?

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