Audi A4 Reborn as EV from 2025, including S4, RS4

Audi A4 Reborn as EV from 2025, including S4, RS4

The Audi A4 is set for an electric transformation in 2025, ushering in a new era for this iconic model. The move to electric power is part of Audi's strategy to compete with rivals like BMW, Mercedes, Tesla, and emerging players in the electric executive car segment. The all-electric A4, slated for release in late 2025, will coexist with a next-generation combustion model, bearing the A5 moniker in alignment with Audi's new naming scheme for electric vehicles, which assigns even numbers to EVs.

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The electric A4 will be positioned as a distinct product despite its similarities in size and positioning. Its design will closely resemble the aesthetics of the A6 and Q6 E-tron electric vehicles, sharing Audi's and Porsche's jointly developed PPE architecture. This new platform provides a foundation for a striking appearance, characterized by short overhangs, a low-slung body, and sleek glass features, setting it apart from the A5, which will undergo more subtle updates.


Audi A4 Reborn as EV from 2025, including S4, RS4

Like the Q6, Audi's flagship bespoke EV launching in early 2024, the A4 EV promises significant technical advancements over current electric offerings. The standout feature is a new-generation battery located between the axles, boasting a usable capacity of approximately 100kWh. Given the A4's sleeker and lighter profile compared to its SUV sibling, the Q6, it's expected to achieve nearly 400 miles of maximum range. Furthermore, it comes equipped with 800V charging capabilities as standard, offering rapid charging speeds of up to 270kW, which can add around 155 miles of range in just 10 minutes.

The innovative nickel-manganese-cobalt battery comprises 15 individual prismatic cells, optimizing space utilization within the vehicle's floorpan and enhancing interior space while maintaining energy density. The use of silicon carbide semiconductors throughout the PPE-based cars' wiring structure helps reduce heat emissions and energy waste. Additionally, the new electric motors feature square-section stator wiring, minimizing the microscopic wasted spaces found in traditional round wires.

The electric A4 is expected to come in a range of variants, including an entry-level rear-wheel-drive A4 45 E-tron and a four-wheel-drive twin-motor A4 55 E-tron with 396bhp. A high-performance S4 E-tron variant is also on the horizon, with a potential total output of 510bhp, delivering swift acceleration and a more aggressive profile compared to today's V6-powered RS4 Competition.

Moreover, Volkswagen Group's commitment to the RS brand means we can anticipate a hardcore RS4 E-tron in the future. These RS-badged EVs are expected to exhibit unique design elements that distinguish them from their standard counterparts, as well as distinct acceleration sounds and bespoke powertrains tailored to deliver impressive performance.

Inside the A4, Audi will draw inspiration from the Q6 E-tron SUV, offering a «human-centric» layout centered around a trio of high-definition screens. This configuration includes a standalone touchscreen for the passenger to input routes and select music. The A4 may also feature the same augmented reality head-up display as the Q6 and a cross-cabin LED lighting system that welcomes occupants and indicates the state of charge when the car is plugged in.

In terms of pricing, the electric A4 is expected to come at a premium compared to its gasoline-powered counterpart, positioning it as an alternative to rivals like the BMW i4 and Mercedes EQE, with an estimated starting price around £50,000, and the high-performance S4 approaching the mid-£60,000 range.

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