All new 2025 Audi RS5 - Reinvented with a mighty V6 and a huge boot

All new 2025 Audi RS5 - Reinvented with a mighty V6 and a huge boot

Experience the electrifying transformation of the iconic Audi RS4 into the formidable 2025 Audi RS5 Avant, a groundbreaking sports estate poised to redefine performance with its pioneering plug-in hybrid technology. As Audi embraces electrification, the RS5 heralds a new era with its dynamic V6 powertrain and a significant name change, aligning with Audi's strategy of odd-numbered designations for combustion cars and even for EVs.

Set to debut in 2025, the Audi RS5 Avant promises a seamless blend of exhilarating performance and eco-conscious engineering. Equipped with a potent 2.9-liter V6 engine complemented by an electric motor, the RS5 delivers a power surge surpassing the formidable 444bhp and 443lb ft of its predecessor, setting the stage for an electrifying driving experience.


In a bold move towards sustainability, Audi Sport's strategic shift towards plug-in hybrid technology underscores its commitment to retaining loyal customers while paving the way for an electric future. Rolf Michl, managing director of Audi Sport, affirms, «Even Audi Sport is electrifying, and up to there, we are thinking about and discussing plug-in hybrids.»

Audi RS5 Avant RS4 successor is V6 plug-in hybrid

The transition to electrification represents a progressive journey for Audi Sport, ensuring that performance and versatility remain at the forefront of innovation. As acceleration and dynamics take center stage, Audi Sport remains at the vanguard of automotive evolution.

The 2025 Audi RS5 Avant embodies Audi's vision of performance redefined, combining cutting-edge technology with uncompromising driving dynamics. With a sleek design and formidable performance credentials, the RS5 Avant sets a new standard for electrified sports estates, poised to leave its mark on the road ahead.

Stay tuned as Audi unveils the electrifying future of performance driving with the 2025 Audi RS5 Avant, a testament to innovation, power, and sustainability in motion. Experience the thrill of tomorrow, today.

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