Volkswagen Considers Electric Revival of Scirocco: What to Expect

Volkswagen Considers Electric Revival of Scirocco: What to Expect

Explore Volkswagen's plans for reviving the iconic Scirocco as an electric vehicle, based on the new Porsche Boxster platform. Get insights into the proposed design, engineering, and potential launch timeline.

Volkswagen is exploring the possibility of bringing back the beloved Scirocco, this time as an electric vehicle (EV) with a design inspired by the iconic sports coupé from the 1970s. With discussions underway regarding a four-way electric sports car project, including the fourth-generation Porsche Boxster/Cayman, a production version of the Cupra Dark Rebel coupé concept, and the fourth-generation Audi TT, the Scirocco's return is gaining traction.

According to insider information obtained by Autocar, Volkswagen is considering launching the new Scirocco EV by 2028, pending approval from Volkswagen brand CEO Thomas Schäfer. Positioned as a two-door sports coupé, the revived Scirocco is envisioned to surpass the second-generation ID 3 hatchback in Volkswagen's lineup, offering a blend of retro-inspired styling and modern electric performance.

While the electric Golf is expected to utilize Volkswagen's new SSP platform, the new Scirocco is proposed to be based on a modified version of the PPE platform developed for the upcoming Boxster/Cayman, designed exclusively for electric powertrains. This platform, dubbed E-Core by Porsche, promises versatility in accommodating varying wheelbase lengths and drivetrain configurations, ensuring optimal performance and handling.

With a focus on maintaining a sleek silhouette and maximizing interior space, the new Scirocco is likely to offer rear seats, enhancing its practicality compared to its predecessors. Initial design concepts draw inspiration from the original Scirocco's timeless aesthetic, emphasizing sharp lines and a low profile, as highlighted by Volkswagen's head of design, Andreas Mindt.

The decision on production location for the new Scirocco is yet to be finalized, with possibilities including the former Karmann factory in Osnabrück, Germany, where the original Scirocco was manufactured. Volkswagen's move towards greater integration among brands and shared production activities under the leadership of Oliver Blume further strengthens the feasibility of the Scirocco's revival.

As Volkswagen gears up to embrace electrification and reimagine its classic models for the modern era, the potential return of the Scirocco marks an exciting chapter in the company's electric vehicle strategy. Stay tuned for further updates on Volkswagen's ambitious plans for the iconic sports coupé.

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