Audi TT Successor Set to Become an Automotive 'Icon' in Electric Form

Audi TT Successor Set to Become an Automotive 'Icon' in Electric Form

In an era of groundbreaking innovation, Audi is meticulously crafting the blueprint for the electric successor to its iconic TT. The German automotive juggernaut is amidst an «intense concept phase,» experimenting with various silhouettes and soundtracks to sculpt a worthy replacement for the beloved sports coupé, which gracefully retired from production last year.

Anticipated to make its debut within the next five to ten years, this new electric vehicle (EV) will embrace a fresh moniker while inheriting the spirit of the TT, holding a prominent position within Audi's illustrious lineup. Daniel Schuster, Audi's spokesperson for technical development, affirms the brand's commitment to reinventing an automotive «icon» that transcends mere electrification. «We are starting from scratch to envision what defines the quintessential 'icon',» he shares. «It's not merely about electrifying existing models; it's about crafting a compelling addition to our portfolio.»

Schuster underscores Audi's dedication to preserving the distinction between standard offerings and its revered RS performance line, emphasizing the need for a flagship «icon» in the lineup. Echoing this sentiment, Rolf Michl, Managing Director of Audi Sport, acknowledges the formidable task ahead in developing a successor that seamlessly bridges tradition with innovation, ensuring continuity for loyal patrons while captivating new audiences.

While refraining from divulging specific design details, Schuster assures that the forthcoming EV will transcend the confines of a conventional replacement. Audi's approach eschews a simplistic engine swap in favor of a bespoke, emotionally resonant creation. «It will be a departure from the norm, yet deeply emotive,» he affirms.

In a departure from tradition, Audi will eschew attempts to replicate the distinctive five-cylinder soundtrack of the TT RS, recognizing the need for a sound identity befitting the electric era. «Silent is the new loud,» Michl asserts, hinting at Audi's commitment to crafting a unique auditory experience tailored to the modern automotive landscape.

Audi's Head of Technical Development, Steffen Bamberger, acknowledges the complexity of recreating combustion engine nuances in an electric vehicle. Instead, the focus lies on investing in alternative interior and exterior sounds to enrich the driving experience, ensuring a seamless transition from tradition to innovation.

Furthermore, Michl promises a wider array of driving behaviors for the new EV, while preserving the dynamic agility synonymous with Audi's RS lineage. «It's about reflecting our RS DNA in a distinct manner,» he remarks. «Different, yet equally compelling.»

As Audi pioneers the future of automotive excellence, the impending arrival of its electric TT successor heralds a new chapter in automotive history—one defined by innovation, emotion, and uncompromising performance.

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