MG Accelerating Plans for Affordable Urban Electric Vehicle

MG Accelerating Plans for Affordable Urban Electric Vehicle

In a bold move to revolutionize urban commuting, MG is set to fast-track the launch of its budget-friendly electric vehicle (EV) targeting city dwellers. Priced below £20,000, this innovative electric city car is poised to make its debut in the UK market next year.

Revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, MG's product and planning chief, David Allison, unveiled the company's ambitious strategy to introduce a sub-£20k electric city car to the UK by the end of the following year. This new addition to MG's electric vehicle lineup, tentatively named 'MG 2,' aims to fill the gap in the market for compact, affordable EVs, challenging competitors like the Dacia Spring.

According to Allison, the concept for the 'MG 2' is already in existence, suggesting a remarkably swift transition from concept to production in less than two years. This accelerated timeline underscores MG's commitment to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for small, economical EVs. Emphasizing the need for accessibility in the EV market, Allison expressed confidence in MG's ability to deliver a competitively priced, full-sized electric vehicle with an acceptable range.

Highlighting the urgency of the project, Allison remarked, «Speed is particularly important in this instance to enable MG to take advantage of the dearth of small, affordable EVs currently on the market.» He further stated, «I think there’s a huge opportunity for someone who can get to the four-metre EV for around €20,000 [£17,000]. And why not us?»

While acknowledging the challenges of product development, Allison remained optimistic about MG's ability to expedite the process, aiming for a market release by the end of next year. Although the timeline remains ambitious, MG's track record of swift execution instills confidence in the feasibility of this endeavor.

MG's forthcoming entry-level EV is poised to disrupt the market, offering affordability without compromising on quality. While not undercutting the £17,000 Dacia Spring, MG's electric offering will rank among Europe's most affordable full-sized EVs, catering to consumers seeking economical yet reliable transportation solutions.

With a firm commitment to accessibility, MG envisions its new electric vehicle as a bespoke product tailored to the European market. Despite manufacturing in China, MG assures European consumers of a vehicle designed and engineered to meet their specific needs and preferences.

As the automotive industry transitions towards electrification, MG's bold initiative underscores its dedication to making electric mobility accessible to all. With the upcoming 'MG 2,' the brand aims to redefine urban commuting, offering a compelling alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. Get ready to embrace the future of mobility with MG's affordable urban EV.

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