New title sponsor for Jaguar Racing

New title sponsor for Jaguar Racing

Changes for 2022 will see the Jaguar Racing team rebranded, a revised livery for the Jaguar I-TYPE 5 racing car, and a new motorsport division within Jaguar Land Rover

Things are happening at Jaguar Racing in its quest to take the Formula E World Championship. As well as introducing a fresh sponsor for the 2022 races – Tata Consultancy Services – Jaguar Racing has been given additional prominence within Jaguar Land Rover’s recently launched motorsport division, as part of the company’s Reimagine strategy.

Jaguar Racing’s goal is to ‘Reimagine Racing’ and use this highly relevant motorsport activity to test, learn, develop, collaborate and share innovations – including cutting-edge electric vehicle technologies – across Jaguar Land Rover to benefit future road car development. Specifically, learnings and technology transferred from Formula E will help ‘Reimagine’ the Jaguar brand as an all-electric luxury brand from2025, coinciding with the company’s commitment to the Gen3 era of Formula E.

“It is very special to be an integral part of reimagining Jaguar’s all-electric future”

As part of the reorganisation, in addition to his role as team principal of Jaguar Racing, James Barclay takes on the role of managing director of Jaguar Land Rover Motorsport Limited. JLR chief executive Officer, Thierry Bolloré, becomes the chairman of the new organisation. All future motorsport opportunities for both Jaguar and Land Rover brands will be explored through this newly formed division.

“Welcoming a brandnew title partner – Tata Consultancy Services – is a real honour, and we look forward to a highly innovative and successful partnership together,” said James Barclay, Jaguar Racing’s team principle.

“After our most successful season to date we have been working hard to improve further on our performance with the aim to race for more points, wins and ultimately the world championship.

“I’m also incredibly proud to be appointed as managing director, Jaguar Land Rover Motorsport and team principal, Jaguar TCS Racing Formula E Team as a result of the newly launched motorsport division.

“During the off-season, we’ve introduced a new Motorsport Executive Committee dedicated tomaximising the opportunities of our motorsport activity, including technology transfer fromrace to road. It is very special to be an integral part of reimagining Jaguar’s all-electric future.”

Mitch Evans and Sam Bird will remain on Jaguar Racing’s driving squad, after finishing fourth and sixth, respectively, in the 2021 championship. Tata Consultancy Services is a global IT services, consulting and business solutions organisation.

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