VW ID software update: faster charging and new features

VW ID software update: faster charging and new features

Volkswagen has launched a software update for its all-electric ID. models, improving charging speeds and ushering in new driver assistance features. The over-the-air update can be installed without needing to visit a dealership.

Called Software 3.0, ID. models fitted with a 77kWh battery can now charge at up to 135kW – a 10kW increase. VW also claims that driving is now ‘even more efficient’ thanks to improved thermal management, and that range can be increased, particularly in cold weather. Owners will also be able to select a new ‘Battery Care Mode’ that limits charging to 80% to help prolong the life of the battery pack.

Another new feature is ‘Travel Assist with Swarm Data’, which is an advanced new form of adaptive cruise control and lane keeping which can adapt to the owner’s driving style and offer assisted lane changing at speeds of up to 56mph. This uses rear-facing radar sensors to detect objects in the surrounding area. The new technology can also offer driving support on roads with limited road markings, where anonymous swarm data is available from other VW vehicles.

Park Assist can take full control of the car during parking manoeuvres, while Park Assist Plus with memory can memorise up to five different parking manoeuvres. The car has to be ‘taught’ the manoeuvre, which can be at speeds of up to 25mph and a distance of 50 metres, which can then be saved and repeated in the future by the car.

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