2015-2018 Mercedes-AMG A45 S W176

2015-2018 Mercedes-AMG A45 S W176

AMG’s superhatch is even more appealing with the savings available from BuyaCar

BuyaCar Buying Guide: Mercedes-AMG A45 S

Mercedes-AMG is better known for its V8-powered super saloons than its hot hatchbacks, but after a shaky start with the original AMG A45 of 2015-2018, the latest version is something really quite special – so much so in fact that it secured a third-place finish in 2019’s evo Car of the Year. Given the previous model never even received an invite, that’s an indication of the strides AMG has taken this time around.

On paper there are few indications as to why the latest A45 hits the mark where its predecessor didn’t. It’s still just a Golf-sized hatchback with a four-cylinder engine sending power to all four wheels through a dual-clutch transmission; hardly novel stuff. Instead, the improvements are more subtle: a chassis that’s better able to deal with poor surfaces, a drivetrain willing to direct enough of the engine’s efforts to the rear axle to give you a kick out of corners, and more progression to and information coming from the steering, making the new car much more satisfying to guide down a twisty road.

Less subtle is the engine, its 415bhp peak giving it the highest output of any production 2-litre unit, and on the road that translates into mighty straight-line and cross-country performance. You can almost think of it as being the modern interpretation of those old Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution FQ-400s, but a fair bit less thirsty and a lot more refined.

If there’s one real sticking point, it’s the price. At over £50,000 before you even think of ticking any option boxes, the A45’s pricing is pretty spicy for a five-door family hatch, and that’s where some of the deals on BuyaCar come in, saving several thousand pounds on the brand-new sticker price. One we found had covered less than 9000miles for a monthly price of £834, or £46,923 cash, while another, finished in Stealth Black paintwork and with just 10,000miles on the clock, had a £814monthly price or could be yours for just £45,795.

The former car, in metallic grey, had the full AMG aero kit, and both came equipped with desirable extras such as the full-width infotainment and instrument displays and the more prominently bolstered bucket seats, both of which help to make the A45 as special to live with as it is to drive.

Visit to find the latest offers on the AMG A45 S. Figures correct at time of going to press.

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