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Buying guide Volkswagen Golf MkII 1983-1992 Type 19E-1G1
Volkswagen Golf MkII From dependable bargain everyman classic to hot hatches and homologation specials, there’s a MkII Golf for everyone – for now. Words CHRIS RANDLE & CHRIS HOPE Photography BAUER ARCHIVE The Golf GTi to buy nowFrom entry classic to ballistic hot hatch, there’s a MkII Golf for you Buying Guide From classic runaround to homologation special: the VW Golf MkII Purists may not want to hear it, but Volkswagen’s MkII Golf is a better car than the MkI – as well as a bargain.
Buying guide Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk2
As residual values finally start to rocket for the Mk2 Golf GTI, there’s still time to get in on the action if you’re in the market… but you need to act quick! Our comprehensive Mk2 Golf GTI Buying Guide should help you find the retro hot hatch of your dreams. VOLKSWAGEN MKII GOLF GTI BUYING GUIDEThe Mk2 Golf GTI had some pretty big shoes to fill when it was launched back in 1983.
Buying Guide Daimler V8
A bargain compared to its self-consciously iconic Jaguar Mk2 sibling, this compact, lively, luxurious Daimler makes a great buy. If you arm yourself with the right knowledge. How to buy the underrated V8 take on the Jaguar Mk2 Words CHRIS HOPE Photography JONATHAN FLEETWOOD Buying Guide Is the Daimler V8 the best Jaguar Mk2 variant? Find out for yourself Unthinkable though it may have seemed in the Sixties, the   Daimler 2.
Mazda MX-5 MkII (NB)
Mazda MX-5 MkII - With MkIs scarce and prices high, MkII MX-5s look like great value for a similar car, if you buy with well-informed caution. Words CHRIS HOPE Photography ADAM SHORROCK/BAUER ARCHIVE Buying Guide How to get yourself a mint Mazda MX-5 MkII while they’re still bargainsThat the Mazda MX-5 has essentially replaced the MGB as the classic world’s go-to basic roadster isn’t news.
Buyers Guide Jaguar XJ40
What you need to know to buy the best of this underrated family. WORDS: SAM SKELTON PHOTOGRAPHY: PAUL WALTON JAGUAR XJ40 BUYING GRAB A MODERN CLASSICHow to buy the best value classic Jaguar saloon. Earlier in this issue, Paul Guinness told the story of Jaguar’s short-lived window of privatisation under the Thatcher governments of the 1980s. A story which is best remembered through one model – the XJ40.
Buying Guide Sunbeam Alpine
This unusual, handsome MGB alternative is outstanding value and a refined tourer – you’ll own a satisfying, reliable classic if you buy carefully. Here’s how to achieve that. Words JESSE BILLINGTON Photography JON COLLEY Sunbeam Alpine Buying GuideHow to get yourself a bargain Sunbeam Alpine for less than £10k Is there really such a thing as a classic bargain in today’s market? There’s a very good argument for the Sunbeam Alpine roadster meriting that description.
Buying Guide How to buy a Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia Type 14 while they’re still good value
Buy a Type 14 well and you’ll reap the rewards. Here’s how to spot a good one. Words CHRIS RANDALL Eight steps to buying a VW Karmann-GhiaAs we said back in the summer, classic Volkswagens are hot property. And unusually for something so stylish and with such a vast support network around it, we reckon the Type 14 Karmann-Ghia has yet to truly reach its market potential. But buying one can be a confusing process.
Aston Martin Virage, Volante and V8 Coupe
Discover what to look out for when buying an Aston Martin Virage, Volante or V8 Coupe from the Eighties and Nineties.
Buying Guide BMW E9x 3 Series
The fifth-gen 3 Series is one of the cheapest BMWs you can buy today, and it’s an incredible bargain that represents amazing value for money. However, you need to go in with eyes – and wallet – open. E9x 3 SERIESWords: Andrew Everett Photos: Jason Dodd, BMW Buying Guide: E9x 3 Series The E9x 3 Series is one of the biggest used BMW bargains of the moment, and our in-depth guide will help you pick the perfect car.
Buying Guide Volvo 1800-series
Buy wisely and a classic bargain with cult-TV cool could be yours for as little as £10k. Words CHRIS RANDALL Photography MATT HOWELL Get style, dodge the risks - Buy yourself Volvo’s classy and usable 1800 from as little as £10k Buying Guide Get yourself into an iconic Volvo 1800-series for as little as £10,000 Icons don’t come much more usable than Volvo’s 1800-series.
Budget-beating Porsche Cayman 2.7 981C Coupe
Anything but basic, the entry-level 981 Cayman delivers a huge number of smiles to the mile without breaking the bank, making it one of the Porsche scene's best buys... Words Robert Smith Photography Thomas Fawdry BUYING 981 CAYMAN 2.7Fast fun in budget-beating coupe.
Buying Guide Ford Granada MkIII/Scorpio Mk1
It can be a cheap way into a Cosworth. But tread carefully – parts can be scarce. Words RICHARD DREDGE Photography JOHN COLLEY Buying Guide Snap up the last unhyped Eighties Ford – the Granada MkIII Seven steps to buying Ford Granada MkIII / Scorpio Mk1Eighties Fords have never seemed more expensive. Not an auction seems to go by without another record being broken by the likes of the Capri 2.8i and Sierra Cosworth. Once-commonplace and cheap cars now seem out of the grasp of many.
Buy starter classic Audi 500 1983–1994
Building on the reputation of the Audi 100 in the 1970s and the 200 the decade thereafter, the brand’s 500-badged models were introduced into SA throughout the 1990s. This Ingolstadt-based brand stubbornly avoided the temptation to follow its compatriot brands, BMW and Mercedes-Benz down the route of six-cylinder engines powering the rear wheels.
Buying guide Aston Martin DB2 and DB2/4
Find out what to look for when buying a DB2 or the later DB2/4 and how much repairs and maintenance should cost. BUYING GUIDE DB2 & DB2/4 WORDS ROB HAWKINS Everything you need to know to buy one of these classic Aston Martins When the dated 2.0-Litre Sports was due for replacement towards the end of the Forties, the DB2 was the ideal candidate and arguably kept Aston Martin in the limelight during the Fifties, paving the way for a new design of sports car.
Buying guide Porsche 911 Cabriolet 964
The 964 has seen huge growth in popularity in recent years, and yet the 964 Cabriolet remains one of the most affordable entry points to ownership of an air-cooled Porsche... Words Dan Furr Photography Dan Sherwood BUYING GUIDEBag yourself a tidy Porsche 911 Cabriolet 964. Launched in November 1988, the 964 marked a sea-change in the 911’s development.
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