Technology explained Power Steering Plus by Porsche

Technology explained Power Steering Plus by Porsche

This optional assistance system helps make light work of tight manoeuvres in your Neunelfer – Total 911 takes a closer look…

This issue, our ‘technology explained’ column centres on Porsche Power Steering Plus, a software rather than a mechanical system on the Porsche 911. Introduced as an option for the 991 (and still available, again as an option, on the 992 generation), ‘PSP’ is a speed-sensitive power assistance steering system.

At speeds below 31mph, the 911’s steering ratio is automatically adjusted to allow easy manoeuvring and parking, Porsche saying that at high speeds the system then firms up and responds with greater precision. In reality, you’ll be hard pressed to feel any significant difference when at speed between this and a 991 or 992 without PSP – which to our mind is entirely positive. However, for very low-speed, tight manoeuvres – for example, parallel parking – PSP comes into its own and allows you to rotate the steering wheel, lock to lock, without feeling like you’re in the middle of a workout. It’s extremely useful in these scenarios on the 991 and 992 generations with their larger wheelbase and additional mass, where models like the Turbo S can weigh in at 1,565kg.

It’s a fairly divisive system among enthusiasts and one which purists tend to baulk at, but we at Total 911 appreciate the Neunelfer has to prove dextrous and practical enough for a variety of lifestyles, including for those who predominantly reside in cities and other built-up areas. As PSP is a software rather than mechanical upgrade, the system can be retrofitted, should your 911 not already come with PSP optioned from the factory.

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