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Paul Sutters’ Porsche 911 2.7 RS Replica
Paul Sutters’ Porsche 911 2.7 RS rep wears its competition history as a badge of honour and Paul intends to return it to its championship winning livery of the ’80s and go racing. Words and photography: Brett Fraser PAUL SUTTERS YOU AND YOURS HISTORY BOY Hands up who hasn’t wondered about the previous life of the secondhand car they’ve just bought. Particularly when that secondhand car was a Porsche.
Porsche mourns the loss of early company employee, Herbert Linge
The Porsche community is mourning the loss of former racing driver and Operations Manager of the Weissach Development Centre, Herbert Linge, who died on 5th January aged ninety-five. Linge played an instrumental role in establishing Porsche’s proving ground and, through his work with motorsport’s governing body, was responsible for the introduction of life-saving measures at race tracks all over the world.
Technology explained PSE
Switchable technology enables drivers to alter the noise from the modern 911’s exhaust. Here’s how… One of the most characterful elements of the 911 is the exhaust note. Whatever model you have, the soundtrack is a constant reminder of partly why we enjoy the cars so much. That sound comes via the exhaust system. While an exhaust’s job is mainly to vent combustion gases to the atmosphere, it has a secondary task: to control the sound, primarily to comply with noise regulations.
Sales debate - is the Porsche 911 992 market in trouble?
Recent sales listings reveal some scary viewing in the 992 arena. Asking prices show not just price reductions month-on-month, but falls across the board. In some cases, those reductions run to tens of thousands of pounds, and even Carreras have been slashed. What’s going on? Jonathan Franklin of Jonathan Franklin Cars neatly sums up the background. “The market has been slowly getting itself overheated, partly since Covid, when people suddenly began spending.
Starting six - design and evolution of the Porsche Type 901 flat-6
Kicking off a three-part series charting the history of air-cooled Porsche engines, we delve into the design and development of the Type 901, which served as the starting point for more than sixty years of flat-six development... Words Shane O’Donoghue Photography Dan Sherwood, Porsche Corporate Archives STARTING SIXFrankfurt Motor Show, Autumn 1963. The covers were whipped off the 901, a pretty two-door coupe previewing Porsche’s replacement for the highly successful 356.
Ferry Porsche prior to the 1973 ceremony are three seasoned exponents of the company and, on the left
The annual awards ceremony is a timehonoured ritual at Porsche and a reminder that the company really did make its name through motorsport. Usually held in the third week of December, these days the ceremony is slightly overshadowed by competition from other Porsche evening functions, such as Sound Night and other social media-inspired events. However, 50 years ago when Porsche was still a small company and almost all Porsche racers knew each other, it was the event of the year.
Technology explained Porsche Torque Vectoring
Discover how the Porsche Torque Vectoring system helps to keep your 911 on the road. The driving characteristics of the 911 are well known, if something of a dichotomy. The rear-engined layout permits immense traction out of corners, but at the same time the car is ever-ready to punish driving with less-than-perfect technique. Carry too much speed into a corner, lift off and you have all the ingredients of the classic 911 accident for the inexperienced.
Sales debate - how much compromise is involved in finding your perfect Porsche 911?
Tracking down your dream 911 can be a less-than-straightforward process. In our heads it’s relatively easy to draw up a wish list of our ideal car, but then we have to find one in the real world. Inevitably, that perfect set of demands may not be for sale. How much compromise should we factor in when searching for ‘The One’? Avantgarde Classic’s Jonathan Aucott is quick to point out that compromise is somewhat inevitable with used 911 purchases.
Porsche’s ace test specialist Walter Röhrl (right), but board member for R&D, Wolfgang Hatz
With its combination of electric and petrol V8 traction, the 887hp 918 hypercar was the most powerful Porsche yet. It also had the longest introduction of any Porsche, because the company was determined to get this complex car right first time. A measure of this concern is visible in the photograph.
Porsche Active Suspension Management explained
First introduced on the Porsche 911 997 Carrera S in 2005, Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) was created to give the best of both worlds at the press of a button, to the driver’s choosing: maximum comfort, or maximum dynamics. Technology explained PASM To understand the technology, we must step back and look at how suspension works. At its core, a suspension’s job is to keep the tyres on the road.
Sales debate - What budget gives you the widest choice of Porsche 911 models?
Buyers who can nail down their dream 911 and spec have an easy ride when purchasing. They search, wait and hopefully find. However, not everyone can pinpoint their next 911 so readily. With this in mind, we asked our trade experts what sort of budget gives you the greatest choice of 911 models, as a used purchase? After only the briefest of pauses, Jonathan Ostroff, sales manager at Hexagon Classics, is straight on a figure to work with: “£65,000” he says.
Budget-beating Porsche Cayman 2.7 981C Coupe
Anything but basic, the entry-level 981 Cayman delivers a huge number of smiles to the mile without breaking the bank, making it one of the Porsche scene's best buys... Words Robert Smith Photography Thomas Fawdry BUYING 981 CAYMAN 2.7Fast fun in budget-beating coupe.
1960 Porsche 356B 1600 £100,000
This fully restored rust-free US-import 356 is completely perfect. But, as Richard Gunn asks, is it too good to use? A lot of money for something not that far removed from a Beetle? This, though, is real early Porsche purity. And it’s in beautiful order, cosmetically and mechanically – all it seems to need is the rear badge fixing more securely and the vibrating brakes attending to.
Technology explained – Porsche 911 Turbo, but what is the overboost function – and does it work?
We know it’s exclusive to the 911 Turbo, but what is the overboost function – and does it work? Extra performance is something we all may crave occasionally for our 911. Since 2004, Neunelfer Turbos have had this exact capability in the overboost feature. But what is it? To understand overboost, we need to consider the engine, because overboost is only possible on a turbocharged motor. The turbocharger supplies additional clean air, under pressure, into the engine to generate more power.
Sales debate - how does the GT3 market view the PDK-only Porsche 911 991.1?
Looking at the lineage of GT3 production, one model stands out: the 991.1 variant. Of all the iterations, the 991.1 is the only one that wasn’t available with a manual gearbox. Does that make a difference to how the market views it, compared to its peers? Philip Raby of Philip Raby Specialist Cars suggests that it doesn’t. “Most people are happy with the idea of PDK now, and accept it. There’s a good market for PDK GT3s, but if you really wanted a manual, you’d probably just buy a Gen2 version.
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