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Buyers Guide Porsche 911 Turbo 996
Epic pace, reasonable price and awesome all-weather performance make the 996 Turbo a hugely appealing machine. BUYING GUIDE: 911 TURBO 996Offering incredible performance for its price, the 996 Turbo is a sensational used buy Words DANIEL BEVIS Photos TOM GIDDEN In turbocharged form, the 996 transcended its perceived ‘bitsa’ roots (at least in the eyes of those cynics who were suspicious of the aesthetic Boxster connection) to become a truly phenomenal performance car.
1989 Ferry Porsche and his four sons together became rarer as the years passed
Events bringing Ferry Porsche and his four sons together became rarer as the years passed. Yet for his 80th birthday in September 1989, most of the family and a few close friends descended on Zell am See, the traditional Porsche home south of Salzburg. In the foreground, beside the Panamericana that the company had presented to Ferry for the occasion are Hans-Peter, Gerd, Butzi and Wolfgang. It’s said that Ferry disliked the “beach buggy” Panamericana intensely.
Technology explained Porsche 911 X51 Powerkit
Alisdair Cusick explains how the X51 Powerkit extracted more from the 911’s nat-asp flat six For some owners, standard is never enough – even on a 911. With this in mind, Porsche offered a performance increase package for the 911 called the X51 Powerkit. Since the 993, the X51 was a factory-approved package to give a 911 engine a little bit extra. The X51 floated around on options lists for both the 993 and 996, but you may not have known this, so uncommonly was the option specified.
Are booming petrol prices having an effect on the used Porsche 911 market?
The world has changed in the past month or so. The war in Ukraine has sent shocks around the world, both emotionally and financially. Aside from the horrors inflicted on Ukrainian people, the world is learning to cope with new supply chains for all manner of goods, including Porsche. Earlier last month production temporarily halted due to Ukrainian wiring harness supply being affected. The fallout filters down to us all, as consumers, notably with record petrol prices in recent weeks.
Buyers Guide Porsche 944 Turbo
Is it true? Can you really buy a turbocharged Porsche for less than the cost of a Nissan Juke? In this guide, we arm you with information you'll find useful when on the lookout for a 944 Turbo... Words Dan Furr, Shane O'Donoghue. Photography Dan Sherwood. BUYING GUIDE: 944 TURBOBag yourself a turbocharged transaxle. The world of sports cars from Porsche's transaxle family of products is a curious one, populated by vehicles ranging from complete basket cases to concours condition award winners.
Design and evolution of the Porsche M44 engine
Though more purebred Porsche than its predecessor, the 944’s normally aspirated inline-four owes much to the existence of the 924… Words Shane O’Donoghue. Photography Porsche. As the prices of all classic Porsches inexorably rise, models previously snubbed by self-appointed connoisseurs are coming of age. As a case in point, the 924 has historically been regarded as the runt of the litter, despite its considerable commercial success.
What the PASM?
With an engineering background and previous career in Formula One, performance driver coach Neil Furber reveals his blend of driving tips and vehicle technology explanations to help you get more from your rear-engined machine. Somewhat of a Stuttgart stalwart since the 997, PASM has long been a hot topic among customers who are new to the world of Porsche. Referring to its full name hints at what secrets lie within the acronym: Porsche Active Suspension Management.
Are all-wheel-drive Porsche 911s a more difficult sales proposition than rear-wheel-drive models?
We’ve had the option of an all-wheel drive 911 for over 30 years, with increasing variants for every generation since the 964. How does the market favour those models over their 2WD brothers? Is there a difference in the market between 2WD and 4WD? Sales debate“In short, yes,” says Jonathan Aucott of Avantgarde Classics, who mainly trades in air-cooled 911s. “But the question is, what is the model?” he adds.
Porsche 911 993 multi-link rear suspension
The 993’s multi-link rear suspension brought more than just improved comfort, says Alisdair Cusick In addition to marking the end of the air-cooled era, the 993 introduced one standout development: its multilink rear axle suspension. For the first time, the rear axle of a 911 was capable of steering inputs. The origins of the technology date back to 1977 with the 928. Until then, rear suspension was commonly a semi-trailing arm setup, whereby two arms connect to the body with two rubber bushes.
Buyers Guide Porsche 944
Shonky build quality was par for the course in the eighties, but it wasn’t something that Porsche 944 owners had to put up with. They also got to savour effortless performance, excellent practicality and a brilliant driving experience, and four decades after the 944 arrived in the UK, you can still enjoy all of these things. While the 924 did Porsche’s image no favours, the much more masculine 944 was just the ticket.
Porsche 911 GT2 996.2
A ferocious performer, the 996 GT2 is a blistering 911 that still flies relatively under the radar. Total 911 presents your complete guide to buying one Written by Kieron Fennelly Photography by Ali Cusick Porsche Turbos have an illustrious record in motorsport. The 934 and 935 dominated sports car racing in the 1970s and when Group C took over from Groups 4 and 5 in the 1980s, Porsche’s 956/962 ruled the roost until the factory withdrew after six victorious seasons.
1985 Porsche 959
The Porsche 959 A 200mph car that was easy to drive? Porsche invented the 21st century supercar in 1985 The Porsche 959 was the first modern supercar. It was the fastest production road car of its day and the first to approach 200mph in top speed (the claimed 197mph was independently verified). But that’s not why we’re celebrating it. Rather, it was a fast car that was easy to drive. Before its launch in 1985, powerful sports cars required skill, strength and occasionally heroics.
Technology explained Porsche 911 964’s extending rear spoiler
The 964 was the first 911 to utilise an active rear wing, but why is it there and how does it work? The 964 model, introduced in 1988, may have given the appearance that little had changed over the previous G-series model. In fact that was partly true for the design, which maintained the existing shape and gave it a clean up, smoothing bumpers, and adding an engine undertray.
Are Tiptronic Porsche 911s a hard sell?
The PDK double-clutch automatic gearbox is so good, the decision between manual or automatic can be quite a dilemma for 911s from 997.2 onwards. But where does that leave models that have the previous incarnation of automatic technology, the Tiptronic models? Are they tougher to sell, and take up valuable forecourt space? “In short, no,” says Philip Raby, of Philip Raby Specialist Cars. “We had two in lately, both 996; a Cab and a Coupe. Both sold within 24 hours,” he says.
Buyer’s Guide Porsche 911 Carrera S 993
Mixing a wide body with traditional rear-wheel-drive, the 911 Carrera S is a highly desirable 993. Here’s your complete dossier of information on this collector’s gem. Written by Kieron Fennelly. Photography by Damian Blades. Buyer’s Guide Porsche 911 Carrera S 993  AIR-COOLED  HISTORY AND TECHIn Porsche nomenclature, ‘S’ usually denoted sporting or ‘Super’ and its first application to a 911 was in 1966. The 911S would set the standard as the fastest 911 until the 2.
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