Sales debate - which Porsche 911 model is the most desirable right now?

Sales debate - which Porsche 911 model is the most desirable right now?

Philip Raby, of Philip Raby Specialist Cars, points out it can be hard to identify trends, but he notes a definite run on 993s of late. Unusually, he’d had four in, and had so many enquires that he could have sold them again and again. “People were almost fighting over them,” he says. Avi Tandon of Garage Sportique backs that up, noting demand for 964s and 993s. “90s air-cooled cars, particularly manual C2 Coupes, are in demand, but finding those with low mileage is quite tricky,” he says. Phil picks up on something similar in the later 996 market, and has identified a desire for them across the models, “But finding good ones is tough,” he warns.

Of newer cars, Phil says that there’s steady interest in 997s, although Avi picks out the GT3. “997 GT3 Club Sport is a 911 that’s ageing really well,” he says. “We’re seeing a good increase year-on-year, in the Club Sport particularly,” so he suggests that’s a variant which enthusiasts are turning on to lately.

At the other end of the spectrum, Avi highlights G-series models as hot property. “You’ll get the true classic 911 feel, at a lower price point. Arguably a bulletproof buy, too” he says, helping to explain the current demand, perhaps, as buyers want a way into the 911 experience without any financial risk. Phil recently sold a left-hand-drive 3.2 Cabriolet, but notes a sudden increase in enquires after that of late, even though the car was no longer available.

Avi notes early air-cooled cars generating interest, too. “I get plenty of people asking for T, E and S 70s models, but they’re the hardest to find,” he says. “Those cars are ageing, but people are holding on to them. The demand is there, but the supply is not.”

Avi continues: “If you’ve got a nice 911, or a rare one, there’ll always be a buyer.” Air-cooled cars are perhaps in vogue with buyers, but it seems the one thing buyers – and sellers – are craving across the board, more than anything else right now, is a quality 911.

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