Sales debate - What budget gives you the widest choice of Porsche 911 models?

Sales debate - What budget gives you the widest choice of Porsche 911 models?

Buyers who can nail down their dream 911 and spec have an easy ride when purchasing. They search, wait and hopefully find. However, not everyone can pinpoint their next 911 so readily. With this in mind, we asked our trade experts what sort of budget gives you the greatest choice of 911 models, as a used purchase?

After only the briefest of pauses, Jonathan Ostroff, sales manager at Hexagon Classics, is straight on a figure to work with: “£65,000” he says. “That puts you in a whole range of cars, from 997 GTS, 3.2 Carrera Sport, 964 Coupe and 993 Coupe,” he goes on. That’s quite the range to work through. A test drive in each would definitely inform you which of those very different characters appealed the most – or which weren’t quite right for you.

Sales debate - What budget gives you the widest choice of Porsche 911 models?

In contrast, Paragon’s Jamie Tyler offers a wider net to work with. “We think between £40,000 and £70,000 gives you a huge choice of 911s,” he says. Clearly that’s a range, so the lower end may limit the options available, but it’s nonetheless a useful target.

Both our panel identify the 997 as the common choice in this arena. “A 997 Gen2 or a 991 Gen1,” adds Jamie, but both are quick to offer alternatives. “The 964 is the current hot property,” says Jonathan, but he picks out a 997 Turbo or 997 GTS as his choice buy, at his budget suggestion.

Echoing this, for those looking to make their money go the furthest, Jamie suggests a 996 or 997 Turbo as his wise buy, currently. “We think both are extraordinary value for a car that’s useable as a daily, then a 420-480bhp supercar when you put your foot down,” he tells Total 911. Jonathan also suggests Cabriolets as a way to get the most 911 out of any budget. “They offer some of the biggest bargains out there,” he thinks. “They cost more when new, but used, the market overlooks them.”

If you’re unsure about what might appeal for your next Neunelfer purchase, or even struggling to pinpoint your first, these figures give you a useful breadth of options. Currently, we can – with one budget in mind – step between the classic shape of an air-cooled 964, and the refined modernity of a 991. There’s a 911 for everyone, so if you’re unsure and want to try the greatest variety, this is the budget to explore that with.

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