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-One of 449 US Model 911 L Coupes built.
-One of 22 factory-built in 1968 with significant rally options.
-Fully documented history, including original window sticker.
-FIVA Certified and Shown at The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering.

This Porsche 911 L is one of 449 L models built and one of just 22 911s built in 1968 with enough rally options to be considered an actual factory-built "rally car." While rally is a broad term, it is used to identify sports purpose and competition options. This car was ordered new by twenty-nine-year-old Ernest Messenger from the Porsche dealer in Manhasset Long Island. His intention for this 911 was to build a car that could be used in rally racing on gravel, dirt, and snow. To this end, he specified an engine compartment light, traveling kit, traveling kit – special tool and parts, quartz fog light, roll bar, limited-slip differential, and full underside protection via stone guards for the steering unit, fuel tank, engine crankcase, and transmission.

Mr. Messenger flew to Germany, toured the factory, and took delivery of his new car on May 31, 1968. From there, he drove it around Germany, Switzerland, and Austria before shipping it home. Shortly after the car arrived in New York, Mr. Messenger realized that his new 911 was just too expensive to enter in rally competition as he had initially planned. Instead, he used it sparingly on paved roads in the Northeast until he sold it in 1985.
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