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1968 Iso Rivolta GT (340)

Patination state. A ‘weathered’ 1960s Italian hybrid GT might not be most people’s choice as an everyday family classic, but engineer Peter Fareham is not most people.

Editor's comment

‘I found the Iso Rivolta really interesting. I'd never heard of one before and something about a V8-powered Italian muscle car is just cool. I really liked the lines of the body, and the lacquered, ageing paintwork really suits the car and tells a story.' Oliver s photography accompanies James Elliott s words on this article.
1969 ISO Rivolta 300

If there's a cliché of the typical Italian, it's Renzo Rivolta. Spirited, impatient, full of ideas and enterprising. The businessman had become rich with refrigerators, got into the booming two-wheeler production after the end of the war and started the car company Iso Autoveicoli SpA in the early 1950s with the Isetta from his company in Bresso. With BMW taking over the license, the Italian smooch ball became a successful Bavarian model, but Rivolta wanted more.

1967 Iso Grifo GL 300 Coupe Series 1

Grief to Grifo — ISO Grifo impossible restoration. When a bidder paid almost £130,000 for the world’s rustiest Iso Grifo at auction, experts thought he must be mad. We catch up with the reclusive buyer following a seemingly impossible restoration

2022 ISO Rivolta GTZ - modern-day resurrection of the 1960s A3/C

Modern-day resurrection of the 1960s A3/C. Join Massimo Delbò for an exclusive first drive in the brand-new Iso Rivolta GTZ, a 660bhp, million-dollar sports car inspired by the Le Mans class-winning Bizzarrini A3/C of the ’60s

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