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Neither Rolls-Royce nor Bentley ever produced a motorcycle, which allowed another marque to benefit from the comparison
I was, as usual, looking at an online auction catalogue when I should have been working. I had employed a time-saving tactic and searched for the terms BENTLEY and ROLLS-ROYCE, but I was surprised when the latter search produced a motorcycle. It was, of course, a Brough Superior.
Buying Guide Bentley Continental R
It bore a great weight of history on its broad shoulders – the Continental name and a decent shout to be the Blower Bentley for the 1990s. With prices spread across such a vast range, what should we look for?
Buying Guide Bentley Arnage
Replacing the Turbo R, the Arnage was caught up in one of the most bizarre buyouts in British industrial history. But that just means there are interesting choices to be made when buying one. WORDS: WILL HOLMAN PHOTOGRAPHY: KELSEY ARCHIVE BUY BENTLEY’S LUXURY BARGAINBUYING ADVICE BENTLEY ARNAGE BUYING GUIDE: BENTLEY ARNAGE All you need to know to select the best ‘...there’s no real price differential between BMW and L Series engine variants, at least for nice low-mileage examples.
An anatomy of the Bentley Continental R and T
Bentley’s late 20th century rebirth may have started with turbocharging, but it took an even more significant step forward with the distinctive-looking Continental R and T models. WORDS: RICHARD GUNN  PHOTOGRAPHY: KELSEY ARCHIVE/RICHARD GUNN Throughout the 1980s the Bentley marque, for so long overshadowed by its Rolls Royce parent, enjoyed an unprecedented revival.
1998-2009 Bentley Arnage
In the third instalment of this series, we take an in-depth look at the saloon that Volkswagen inherited and then continued to develop through its first decade of Bentley ownership. Words: Richard Gunn. Photography: Kelsey Archive.
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