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Ford Capri 1969-1986
From hero to zero and back again – the Capri spent years as the butt of many a joke, but Ford’s humble fastback has enjoyed a significant resurgence. Few cars can demonstrate the lure of nostalgia quite like the Ford Capri. Although the not quickest or most dynamic of coupes, the lovable fastback has joined several of its contemporary Blue Oval stablemates in being hot property among enthusiasts – with prices to match.
1969-1986 Ford Capri
How Ford’s personally augured vehicle prospered in the Mustang’s shadow. Words: David Osborne. THE STORY OF FORD’S EVERYMAN COUPE Facts, figures and history on the car which brought the Mustang magic to Europe. FORD CAPRI (1969-1986) THE MARKETPLACE / THE CARS / THE BEGINNING To understand the significance of the Capri one must first appreciate the impact of the Mustang and the precedent it set within Ford.
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