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Ian Macaulay’s a serial Yugo 513 and Trabant owner - and still has one of each alongside a rare GAZ
Good things often come in threes, and Ian Macaulay’s collection is proof positive.  WORDS AND PHOTOS: SAM SKELTON THE MAGIC NUMBERCOMMUNIST COLLECTION The classic car bug is addictive. And Ian Macaulay has it. Never short of classics, his current fleet includes not only Eastern Bloc heroes, but also a pristine Mazda MX-5 and a delightful Austin Metropolitan.
The General’s Motor 1969 GAZ M-21 Volga
First owned by a general in the Bulgarian People’s Army, this Volga is now bringing some Cold War intrigue to the streets of Cambridge. WORDS: ANDREW ROBERTS PICTURES: MATT RICHARDSON THE GENERAL’S MOTOR A slice of Soviet bureaucracy, Kiril Vitanov’s Volga is arguably the most Communist entity in Cambridge since the spy ring. Some cars inspire respect. A few that shall remain nameless inspire apathy, but a 1969 Volga has the power to evoke awe, especially when photographed in Cambridge.
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