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Buyers Guide Jaguar XJ40
What you need to know to buy the best of this underrated family. WORDS: SAM SKELTON PHOTOGRAPHY: PAUL WALTON JAGUAR XJ40 BUYING GRAB A MODERN CLASSICHow to buy the best value classic Jaguar saloon. Earlier in this issue, Paul Guinness told the story of Jaguar’s short-lived window of privatisation under the Thatcher governments of the 1980s. A story which is best remembered through one model – the XJ40.
Working with Bob Knight
Not only did former engineering director Bob Knight have the reputation for being very clever but also a chain smoker and someone who worked all hours, all of which I experienced first-hand. When I joined Jaguar in the late-Seventies not only was he the managing director of the company but on the basis of how Jaguar’s founder Sir William Lyons had always operated, he’d also taken charge of what he called styling despite having no experience.
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