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Buyers Guide Jensen Interceptor 1966-1976
The life and times of the West Bromwich answer to Aston Martin. Words: Paul Wager. 1966-1976 FACTS, FIGURES AND HISTORY ON THE GLAMOROUS ’70s GTJENSEN INTERCEPTOR DATABASE: Facts, figures and history on the stylish grand tourer which was built in West Bromwich using American muscle and Italian style. The story of Jensen Motors is a fascinating one, even without any mention of the Interceptor.
Second-hand Jensen Interceptor
Fraught, frustrating and yet utterly fabulous, there was nothing quite like the ownership experience of a second-hand Jensen Interceptor. THE INSIDERSMy first clear consciousness of Jensen Interceptors began on my walk to school in the mid-Seventies in Leicester. At an agreeable Edwardian house in Stoneygate lived a bright blue example, registered 1 BLU. On frosty mornings I’d hear the distant rumble of its idle from the next street as its owner warmed it up.
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