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Database: Triumph Stag 1970-1977
One of BL’s ‘nearly’ cars, the Triumph Stag offered a taste of the exotic even the Germans struggled to match but was a victim of the corporation’s other problems. Words: Paul Wager. The car which gained an unfortunate nickname back in the day but which is now one of our most-preserved classics. It’s a paradox, the Triumph Stag.
Restored: Triumph Stag
All Stags are covetable, but this one is more desirable than most because it’s one of the pre-production prototypes. Words and pictures: Richard Dredge. Restored: Triumph Stag History is littered with cars that had huge potential, but which wasn’t realised for a variety of reasons. At the top of the pile is surely the Triumph Stag which seemingly couldn’t fail when it was launched in 1970. Here was an affordable four-seater convertible with a 3.
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