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2019 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 992
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2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S 992

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It’s becoming easier to be ever more cynical in this game. Cars are getting heavier because of the unnecessary tech being added to them to inflate the retail price. They chase outright speed and performance at the cost of involvement and accessibility because the former provides a quick-hit marketing win. They carry asking prices that are no longer relevant in the world of finance and monthly payments. It’s an endless spiral of decline for the driver’s car.
Or there’s the alternative narrative that says we are entering a golden era of next-generation driver’s cars. So far this year we have driven a GT Black Series (pictured) of such potency it’s hard to imagine it came from a manufacturer that also makes the B-class, three new BMW M-cars that continue the purple patch started by the M2 Comp and CS, and a new 911 GT3 that defines the art of precision engineering as it harnesses detailed and significant improvements that allow it to move the game on from its predecessor, even if those gains aren’t in the direction all would want them to be. Meanwhile, Alfa Romeo’s GTAm, despite bucking the modern trend in that it’s not significantly quicker than a Quadrifoglio, delivers an experience and sensations that are hard to find in any car, let alone one with four doors. And Hyundai has created another hot hatch to remind us all that driving thrills can still come in perfectly small and affordable packages.
Yes, we would like cars to be smaller, lighter, more affordable and less reliant on complex technology to make them work as intended. But if the choice was to have the performance cars we have today or none at all, I know which I’d take.

After a few years with the shutters down, I’m pleased to announce that from 9 June the evo shop will be open once again. We’ll be offering a range of branded merchandise, current and back issues, subscriptions and a selection of evo gifts for you to buy, along with products from evo partners.

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