Glen Waddington

Glen Waddington

Glen Waddington Glen Waddington 1982 Jaguar XJ-S 5.4 Litre V12 Lynx Eventer Shooting Brake 1 year ago

The first Lynx Eventer

Reading about the Lynx Eventer brought back many memories, but I thought Penelope Keith borrowed the Eventer for a very late episode of To the Manor Born, and then the awful Sweet Sixteen.

Another thing I want to point out is that the name Lynx was chosen by me at age 17 in 1966 when trying to get a discount at the local BMC agent for spare parts – the storeman wanted to know the name of the company I worked for and because I owned a 1934 Riley Lynx, I thought Lynx Engineering would do. Jaguars did not appear for a number of years after, because I started out by restoring (on my own) vintage Bentleys and other cars, until a local owner asked me to restore a Jaguar C-type; that is the point I left a job at Weslake & Co and set out on my own. Later, Chris Keith-Lucas joined as an employee and I subsequently realised he was a major asset to the business. We got on well, so I offered him a partnership, which he paid for by selling his dreadful Hyper Lea Francis, which threw oil everywhere whenever it was run. Finally, the picture of the ‘French Chateaux’ is actually our UK family home and has been for 45 years.

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