Track build 503hp BMW M2 Competition F87

Track build 503hp BMW M2 Competition F87

While this M2 Comp might look lightly modded, under the surface it’s been transformed into a full-on track machine, and it’s as close to a circuit sleeper as an M car can get.


Words: Elizabeth de Latour

Photos: Artem Chernous


While this F87 M2C might look subtle on the outside, under the surface, it’s been equipped with toptier upgrades to turn it into an absolute track beast.

Track build 503hp BMW M2 Competition F87

When the 1M launched, it was met with almost universal praise from all corners of the motoring world thanks to its combination of compact size, muscular styling, M3 underpinnings and plenty of power to back that up. The only naysayers were those who took issue with the car wearing an M badge but not having a true M powerplant under the bonnet, and sadly there are still people who are vocal about this even now. When the F87 M2 arrived, the formula remained largely the same – small car, big attitude, and a powerful, revised version of a non-M engine, once again. But then something happened. BMW decided to do what people had been doing with the 1M and fit a full-fat M engine under the bonnet, except rather than having to shoehorn a V8 into the engine bay, it was a far simpler task of simply slipping another turbocharged straight-six straight in there.

BMW M2 Competition F87

When the M2 Competition arrived, it made everyone suddenly sit up and take notice. No one was able to accuse BMW of doing things by halves now, and, with the twin-turbo S55 under the bonnet, the M2C was an altogether different proposition, something serious – seriously serious. Sure, power was turned down a notch from the F8x M3 and M4, but then it had to be because the smaller, lighter M2 could not be allowed to outshine its bigger brothers, but in many ways, it did. We’re not going to start a war, and we’re not going to pick favourites because we love all M cars, but it’s fair to say that the M2 Comp is impossible to resist.

Track build 503hp BMW M2 Competition F87

Just ask Vojtech Jelinek (@vojtech_89) because this is his F87 M2 Comp you’re looking at, and it’s a gorgeous beast. Vojtech is a construction manager, and the perfect way to blow off some steam after a busy day at work is to hit the track, and that’s exactly what his M2C has been built for. It’s great to see someone using a car like this for what it was designed to do, and that’s to be driven hard and fast. When it comes to track-day cars this isn’t Vojtech’s first rodeo, and the M2C replaces an even more hardcore machine. “I had an E46 M3 before for track days, it was completely rebuilt with a full cage, stripped etc., and it was only usable with a trailer,” says Vojtech. “I was quite annoyed by towing a trailer to every track, so went for M2 Competition, which is a real M car, and I stayed at an upgrade level where I would not have to use the trailer,” he explains, and this M2C is the perfect tool for the job.

Track build 503hp BMW M2 Competition F87

The thing is, to look at it, this F87 doesn’t actually look all that hardcore, but that was Vojtech’s plan all along. “The car looks OEM+ but is as fast on track as some fully built cars; that was the purpose, kind of a track sleeper,” he grins, and we love that approach. That’s not to say that this M2 is lacking in the looks department, because it absolutely isn’t. Firstly, it’s impossible for any M2 to look anything other than an aggressive, muscle-bound machine, and Vojtech has amped up his F87’s attitude with a selection of choice additions.

“The bonnet is a custom-made carbon fibre one and weighs around 7-8kg, and I had it painted in the body colour. I’ve also added some M Performance parts, with a splitter, diffuser, side vents, side blades and door mirror covers, and a beautiful high-kick boot lid spoiler from PSM Dynamic,” says Vojtech, and that’s a tasty selection of styling upgrades. It’s all very subtle, and it’s all in keeping with the overall styling of the M2, but it just gives it a little more purpose. The splitter fills out the front bumper perfectly, the side blades add some dynamism to the car’s flanks while the combo of diffuser and spoiler at the rear really gives the tail end some serious visual clout, and it gives the people that Vojtech passes on track something nice to look at…

Track build 503hp BMW M2 Competition F87

What matters on this M2C is what you can’t see, and that’s what’s been done to the chassis. Vojtech has not cut any corners when it came to making sure that his F87 was going to perform on track, but it wasn’t easy getting everything right, and the suspension has undergone a few changes during his time with the car. “The suspension was probably the most difficult part of building the whole car,” he says. “I first bought a KW Variant 4 kit, which didn’t work as I wanted, and was too soft even for street use. I also tried to change spring rates to be harder, but it was just bad for track use,” he laments.

Now, however, he’s found the perfect setup in the shape of something from the AST catalogue. This M2 is running AST 5300 three-way coilovers front and rear with individual spring rates, customised camber plates for more camber adjustment range up front and adjustable AST drop links. At the rear, meanwhile, there are camber arms from SPL Parts and lower toe arms from KW. This is a serious setup all-round that offers a huge range of adjustment, allowing Vojtech to get everything dialled in perfectly and really attack the track.

Track build 503hp BMW M2 Competition F87

The brakes have also undergone a few changes to get them up to Vojtech’s standards and to get them good enough for serious track work. “My M2 came with the optional six-piston brakes,” he explains. “But the inconsistency of the braking force and the fact that it was impossible to use 18” wheels took me to AP Racing calipers,” and now he’s got brakes that really deliver when it comes to stopping power. Vojtech has opted for AP’s Pro 5000 R kit, with six-pot calipers and 378mm AP discs up front and four-pot calipers and 380mm OEM M2 Competition discs at the rear. Endless ME22 pads have been fitted at both ends, along with HEL braided lines, and up front, there’s also a Team Schirmer brake cooling kit to help keep the temps down and fade at bay.

Track build 503hp BMW M2 Competition F87

Vojtech has already mentioned wheels and the fact that he wanted to run 18s, which was what influenced his decision with the brake kit, and he’s made the most of that flexibility by getting something suitably light for his M2C. “The wheels are individually made by Performance Shop Geel in Belgium. They are based on the M4 GTS 763M wheels, and the fronts are 9.5x18” and weigh 8.34kg each, while the rears are 10.5x18” and 8.5kg each,” he tells us. “I drive mostly on Pirelli Trofeo R tyres, but also on Hankook TD Z221s, which are faster on a dry track but very noisy and useless in wet conditions,” he adds, so we figure he’s always got an eye on the weather forecast in case there’s even the slimmest chance of some rain. And, naturally, with the wheels inspired by the 763Ms, they look great, menacing in matt black, with aggressive fitment and those square-shouldered sidewalls that let you know this car means business on track.

With such a sorted chassis, full-on brakes and super-sticky rubber on board, it would have been a shame not to give the S55 a little tweak to make the most of all that, and while Vojtech hasn’t gone overboard under the bonnet, he’s certainly got a little more power to play with. First off, he’s added aluminium charge pipes and J-pipe, an uprated Mishimoto heat exchanger, and it's finished with a RaceChip tuning box. Now, using the RaceChip app, lie can adjust power in seven increments to go from the stock 410hp and 406lb ft all the way to 503hp and 465lb ft, which is plenty to be getting on with.

Track build 503hp BMW M2 Competition F87

Finally, we come to the interior, and Vojtech’s made it feel a bit special here with the addition of some stunning seats. “I have Porsche 991 911 GT3 reclining seats with individual upholstery made by Autocalounictvi Kliner with all the details taken from the M2 Comp seats, and with heating and functional airbags," he says, and they look absolutely awesome. The orange detailing is the perfect touch, they’ve got carbon seat backs, and they’re ideal for keeping Vojtech and any passengers he brings along firmly in place during even the most extreme on-track manoeuvres. “The steering wheel is from an M4 CS in Alcantara, and I've also got an AK Motion data display for more information about temperatures in the engine, intake, transmission etc.” Vojtech adds, and these finish the cabin off perfectly.

Vojtech’s M2C is an awesome track machine that has been honed to perfection but keeps its hardcore nature under wraps.

Sure, it’s still an M2, but no one would be able to tell that this is a fully focused track build, and that’s just the way Vojtech likes it. “Most people don’t expect that this car is that fast on track,” he grins. “The suspension with great geometry from Mr Kabatnik in combination with brakes and good tyres makes this car the ultimate track/street performer, but bit more on the track-use side because the camber is quite big and suspension quite hard,” he adds, but it’s still more than capable of getting Vojtech to track days on its own, where his M3 needed a trailer. And there’s only one thing Vojtech’s got planned for his M2 now: “Driving, driving, driving,” he grins. “But I have some small mods planned, like a Speed Engineering ram air kit, Funk Motorsport turbo blankets, and maybe I will fit a six-point harness, but without a cage, it’s quite complicated from my point of view,” he reasons. But those are just cherries on the top of seriously tasty track-flavoured, M2C-shaped cake, and it’s one that Vojtech can have and eat, well, drive…

Various carbon additions enhance the M2’s looks. Stunning 911 GT3 seats are the centrepiece of the interior. The remote reservoirs for the front coilovers have been mounted on the factory brace.

The bonnet is a custom-made carbon fibre one and weighs around 7-8kg, and I had it painted in the body colour

I have Porsche 991 911 GT3 reclining seats with individual upholstery made by Autocalounictvi Kliner with all the details taken from the M2 Comp seats

The car looks OEM+ but is as fast on track as some fully built cars; that was the purpose, kind of a track sleeper


  • ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION: 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-six S55B30T0, aluminium charge pipes and J-pipe, Mishimoto heat exchanger, RaceChip tuning box. M DCT seven-speed gearbox, stock diff mounted on KMP bracket kit with Powerflex Black poly bushes
  • POWER AND TORQUE: 503hp and 465lb ft
  • CHASSIS: 9.5x18” (front) and 10.5x18” (rear) custom forged wheels from Performance Shop Geel, Pirelli Trofeo R and Hankook Z221 tyres, AST 5300 threeway coilovers with individual spring rates (front and rear), individually customised camber plates for greater camber adjustment (front), adjustable AST drop links (front), SPL Parts camber arms (rear), KW lower toe arms (rear), AP Racing Pro 5000 R BBK with six-piston calipers and 378x36mm discs (front), four-piston calipers and 380x28mm OEM M2 discs (rear), Endless ME22 pads (front and rear), HEL braided brake lines (front and rear)
  • EXTERIOR: Custom carbon bonnet with F82 M4 power dome, M Performance front splitter, side grilles, mirror covers, side blades and rear diffuser, PSM Dynamic high-kick boot spoiler
  • INTERIOR: Custom-trimmed Porsche 991 911 seats in the style of M2 Comp seats, M4 CS Alcantara steering wheel, AK Motion digital display
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