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Team Schirmer GT BMW M2 Competition F87

As the first-ever Team Schirmer GT car in North America, this F87 M2 Competition is a full-on, hardcore package boasting a razor-sharp and ultra-focused chassis setup, ultra-aggressive carbon styling, and so much more.

2016 BMW M2 Competition F87 - hardcore next-level build!

The BMW F87 M2 Competition is an incredibly impressive machine out of the box, but there’s always room for improvement, as this absolutely awesome full-on build goes to show.

Track build 503hp BMW M2 Competition F87

While this M2 Comp might look lightly modded, under the surface it’s been transformed into a full-on track machine, and it’s as close to a circuit sleeper as an M car can get.

Wide-body 1000whp BMW M2 Competition F87

From its incredible carbon wide-body to its mind-blowing interior and astonishing built S55 engine, everything about this M2 Competition is quite simply on another level, and it’s one of the most sensational cars we’ve ever seen.

707hp Dodge Hellcat 6.2-litre supercharged V8 engined BMW M2 Comp F87

M2 too tame for you? How about stuffing a 6.2-litre, 707hp supercharged Hellcat V8 under the bonnet? It’s a concept so outrageous it feels like it shouldn’t exist, and yet you’re looking at it, and it’s every bit as insane as you’d hope.

Show-stopping styled and tuned 700bhp BMW M2 Competition F87

With stunning looks and serious underpinnings to match, this M2 Comp was built to develop parts and attract attention at shows. However, it only got to do one of those things…

Stanced 450bhp BMW M2 CS F87

A few days spent behind the wheel of the limited-run M2 CS reveals why it’s more than just rare – it is borderline perfection.

2017 BMW M2 F87

The latest addition to our BMW fleet gets on track at Goodwood...

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