2017 BMW M2 F87

2017 BMW M2 F87

The latest addition to our BMW fleet gets on track at Goodwood...

Track Test Jason Dodd 2017 BMW M2 F87

As I write this we have just crept out of lockdown number three and I can’t think of a better way of enjoying the first day than driving down to Goodwood to take part in its first track day of the year. The day also presented a chance to meet up with fellow BMW M owner, Iain Hughes, and his Yas Marina Blue 2015 M4. The last time we met was four months ago, so a chance to catch up and enjoy some spring sunshine, make conversation with fellow petrol heads, all at one of the most iconic tracks in the UK, was a great start to an easing of restrictions (hopefully for good).

I initially booked this track day back in November when I still owned my V8 Mustang, so to have the chance – just a couple of weeks after taking ownership – of putting my M2 through its paces was a good opportunity to see how the car responds to a circuit. This is the eighth time I’ve driven the fast and flowing Goodwood track, my old 135i, 435i and Mustang have been three very different cars that I’ve tested on the picturesque and historic West Sussex circuit.

As you would expect a few other BMWs were present, including an M2 Competition set up for racing, the current car of the moment – the GR Yaris, and a McLaren 720s, plus I almost forgot the Ford GT40 too! I love Goodwood for its relaxed environment, beautiful setting (where you have the addition of planes flying over head) and the period feel of the place.

After a briefing and some lunch, mini hampers each and some al fresco dining in the paddock area, it was time to test the M cars. One thing you really get to understand about your car on track is how it is set up, an M car has a superb suspension set up as default, and fine brakes, grip and of course speed to boot. For me the M2’s chassis is perfect on track with minimal roll, the DCT paddle shift is spot on and so quick through the changes, for a track I know well I felt confident in pushing the car more during each subsequent session as the day rolled on.

At the end of the day my only concern was brake feel, so my next stop is to upgrade the brake pads, hoses and fluids so they can operate at a higher work rate. Looking at the challenging Brands Hatch circuit as my next track day, it should be a perfect venue for the M2 – and one I haven’t tackled for many years.

After modifying the Mustang heavily over a three year period I don’t feel I need to do too much to the M2, as I mentioned before the car’s set up from scratch is almost perfect, so I’m just looking to do some cosmetic tweaks. My first stop was to Mulgari in Wokingham (mulgari.com), it has a reputation for its Icon cars, which include modern Mini upgrades.

It has also developed BMWs over the years, and I spotted on the website that steering wheel exchanges – with a thinner, alcantara wrapped rim – were on offer. Stitching can be offered in various colours, but I opted for blue as it ties in with the car’s interior. For me the standard M leather steering wheel is far too chunky, having a thinner set up makes the car feel just right now.

I’ll point out that it’s not a two minute job, Darren at Mulgari did a great job of swapping the steering wheels over and making sure all was well once installed. This is my sixth BMW following a break from the brand and it’s good to have the intuitive iDrive system back, it’s so easy to use and with the connected app it makes life easier in terms of sending map locations to the car. The sports gauges are also a nice touch, when you’re on track the wide screen has the option to split which is my default preference. I’ve spent several days detailing the car ready for a few socially distanced car meets. The first was at the brand new B Road Hunting cafe, situated at the Bentley Wildfowl museum in Lewis, East Sussex. This venue is going to be massive and owners, Edd, Roger and Jason have put a lot of time, effort and money into making it the best car venue of the South for coffee, meets and automotive events.

I’m planning the next stage of what will be spent on the M2, it could be some styling, wheel or exhaust upgrades, but first I need to get those brakes sorted. Watch this space! I hope to see you at a car show soon...

F87 M2

YEAR: 2017



MPG THIS MONTH: 26.7 (10.7 at Goodwood)

COST THIS MONTH: £420 (steering wheel) plus much more in fuel!

Jason’s visit to Mulgari saw the M2’s steering wheel swapped. Jason tested the M2 on track at Goodwood this month.

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