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Buy starter classic Citroën DS20 1962-1973
We’re not exactly looking at a real performance classic this month, but readers have been asking when my promised follow-up to the ID19 would appear. This is deservedly one of the top five most innovative cars ever produced and will remain so, always. Magic carpet ride Citroën DS 20 1962–1973To find the latest New & used cars for sale PACKAGINGStyling was the brainchild of Bertoni and Lefèbvre, and it had an impressively low drag coefficient for the time.
Buying guide Citroen DS/ID
The Citroen DS has been highly desirable since the moment it was launched, and the appeal is obvious to many people. But so are the oddball design features and pitfalls for the buyer. Here’s how to get hold of one of the most influential cars of all time. Getting a goddess - All the info on the futuristic French masterpiece It’s almost impossible to imagine just what a stir the Citroën DS caused at its launch in 1955.
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