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Looking for an Italian supercar with an added dose of practicality? Then the Ferrari Mondial could be just the thing for you… PRACTICAL PERFORMANCE TECH BUYING THE FERRARI MONDIAL The affordable Prancing Horse BY CHRIS RANDALL CONTRIBUTOR Replacing the 308 GT4, the Pininfarina-styled Mondial delivered supercar looks with four-seater practicality and could be had in coupe and, from 1983, Cabriolet forms.
Buyers Guide Ferrari Mondial
Buy a Ferrari for Mondeo money’ screamed the headlines in the car magazines of 20 years ago. They’d latched on to the fact that for the same money as a new family hatch, you could put a classic Ferrari in your garage. It was usually the 308 GT4 that they featured, or perhaps the 365/400/412, if not the other generally unloved Ferrari 2+2, the Mondial.
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