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Tech guide Ferrari Mondial
Looking for an Italian supercar with an added dose of practicality? Then the Ferrari Mondial could be just the thing for you… PRACTICAL PERFORMANCE TECH BUYING THE FERRARI MONDIAL The affordable Prancing Horse BY CHRIS RANDALL CONTRIBUTOR Replacing the 308 GT4, the Pininfarina-styled Mondial delivered supercar looks with four-seater practicality and could be had in coupe and, from 1983, Cabriolet forms.
Buying Guide Ferrari 550 Maranello
Ferrari’s front-engined V12 supercar is now an appreciating asset, so here’s how to buy one and ensure it stays that way. Words NIGEL BOOTHMAN Photography TOM WOOD Eight steps to buying a Ferrari 550 MaranelloBuying Guide How to buy the surprisingly easy-living Ferrari 550 Maranello Once it got depreciation out of the way from its £143k launch price, the Ferrari 550 Maranello has increased in value since it was discontinued, with the best now nudging £100k.
2018 Ferrari Portofino M Type F164
There’s something ineffably cool about comparatively unloved Ferraris. Whether it’s a 365 GTC4, most notable for not being a Daytona, the scallop-fuse-laged 612 Scaglietti or the behemoth FF, these are Maranello’s chorus line cars, rarely enjoying much of a moment in the spotlight. DRIVEN TO EXTINCTIONMuch the same can be said of the Portofino. It only seems like yesterday that it was being introduced to replace the bulky California T, but we have word that the factory will build no more.
Ferrari has to be number one, surely? Or is it BMW? Or Tesla?
A very warm welcome to the first of CAR’s three special 60th anniversary issues. Yep, the world’s best (and most modest) car magazine pre-dates the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon (1969), Porsche’s first overall Le Mans win (1970) and the arrival into this world of one Elon Reeve Musk (1971).
Ex-traffic policeman Mark Ryan has created his ideal Ferrari 308
After a 30-year career in the police in Scotland, the last 20 as a traffic cop, in 2010 I bought my dream car, a manual Ferrari F355 GTS. As soon as I had joined the police I knew I wanted to be in the traffic department, but I did ten years on the beat in Rosyth first. I joined Traffic in 1991, achieved a class one advanced pass in training and was named driver of the year. We drove SD1 Vitesses, Senator 24V 3.0-litres and Granada 2.9 Injection 4x4s – proper rear-wheel-drive power machines.
Epic Restoration 1971 Dino 246GT
Gary Bates and his TRGB team had to dig deep to bring a rotten 1971 Dino 246GT back to this condition – and finding some of the parts, strewn around several locations, meant scaling new heights. Dino from rat’s nest to perfectionWords EMMA WOODCOCK Photos ALEX TAPLEY ‘Rustier than a fisherman’s bucket in a salt mine’Epic Restoration Triumph specialist takes on Ferrari’s delicacy – a rusty Dino 246GT How to restore a rusty Dino 246GT? First you have to find the rest of it...
Epic Restoration How do you restore a 1950 Ferrari 195S when you don’t know who built it?
This mystery of this unique 1950 Ferrari’s origin was unravelled by a detailed restoration – something never foreseen when the car arrived supposedly ready to run. Words NIGEL BOOTHMAN Photos JONATHAN FLEETWOOD ‘What would we find under the paint?’Restoring a mystery Ferrari: the 1950 195S I bought it on the basis that it would be a nice, drivable thing,’ says owner Keith Neilson.
Buyers Guide Ferrari Mondial
Buy a Ferrari for Mondeo money’ screamed the headlines in the car magazines of 20 years ago. They’d latched on to the fact that for the same money as a new family hatch, you could put a classic Ferrari in your garage. It was usually the 308 GT4 that they featured, or perhaps the 365/400/412, if not the other generally unloved Ferrari 2+2, the Mondial.
Ferrari 575M
Ferrari’s 575M accelerated the ground-breaking 550 into a more modern age with the option of F1 transmission and a more accessible nature. For some, this makes it less desirable than the 550 – but the market sees it another way.
Automatic for the People - chart the inexorable rise of Ferrari’s automated Transmission
It’s 10 years since Ferrari last made a car with a manual gearbox. We chart the inexorable rise of Ferrari’s automated Transmission THE AUTOMATIC STORY Considering it wasn’t until 1976 that Ferrari first offered an automatic gearbox option (on the 400 GT), it’s quite remarkable that today all Ferraris have automated gear-shifting. How did we reach this point? It all started with Formula 1.
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