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3.2 BJS 24v VR6 engined 1992 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk3

While VW really seems to have got its act together these days with its new-wave hot hatches, there are some — like Melis Julevic — who believe you still can’t beat the old-skool way. We tend to agree…

315hp home-built Volkswagen Golf Mk3 Euro-tourer

After a string of bad luck with cheap Mk3s, Luke Cartwright pulled out all the stops with the third in the line-up – a 315hp home-built Euro-tourer, built to be driven but with a finish to rival the best in the scene.

450bhp ABT-Kitted more door 1.8T 20vT BJX-engined Volkswagen Golf Mk3

It’s easy to think back negatively to all 90’s aftermarket styling, but if you’re selective about the parts you choose, then you can create a real head turner… as Matt Brampton has proven here with his Abt-kitted Mk3 1.8T.

3.2-litre 250-bhp engined Volkswagen Vento A3 Mk3 Typ 1H

Building on a bedrock of ideas from his magazine-featured first car, Christian Drechsel opted for a more leftfield silhouette to bring his R32-powered plans to life.

Supercharged 300bhp 2.8-litre VR6 AAA-engined 1997 Volkswagen Jetta Mk3 Typ 1H

Despite putting in seven years and 150,000 miles of inter-state touring, retirement from daily driver duty hasn’t slowed the pace for Mike Myers’s Jetta.

321bhp 1.8T 20V conversion Volkswagen Golf Mk3

The Mk3 Golf still gets a hard time when it comes to being the slightly tubby, ugly duckling of the family, but Jack Jones knows that fast is always cool

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