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300bhp 1.8 20v AWP engined Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet Mk1

Small cabriolets often get tarnished with the same, lame image, but Brandon Quail’s Berg-Cup kitted 300bhp 1.8T example is far from your regular rag top!

Kamei-kitted Typ19 1985 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk2 - period perfect 80s icon with a 2.8 VR6 twist

There are many different types of hero in this world; ones that leap off tall buildings in a single bound, those who fight off evil empires, and then ones that fight off ghosts and drive VWs in their spare time… like John Vanek.

1977 Volkswagen Golf GTi Cabriolet Mk1

The Mk1 Golf Cabriolet can often be had for far smaller sums than the regular hatch, especially when it comes to the GTI. But does it make for a great summer classic, or a floppy-topped folly?

Super clean Canadian Rallye on centre-looks Volkswagen Golf G60 Mk2

Having found one of North America’s best-kept Golf Rallyes on his doorstep, Danny Delic has spent a decade tracking down the most obscure parts to bring it up to spec.

Stage 3 411bhp Volkswagen Golf Mk6

The Channel Island of Guernsey has a population of 65k, measures 25 square-miles and the maximum speed limit is 35mph. Although beautiful, it’s not an obvious automotive hub. Tom Godfrey both sourced and built this swashbuckling Mk6 Golf R there though. With an eye for the treasure, he’s our kind of pirate…

550bhp Volkswagen Golf R32T Mk2 All-wheel-drive Polish Mk2 monster!

With over 500bhp and all-wheel drive, it’s no wonder Ernest Staciwa’s Mk2 sleeper boasts supercar acceleration times, even if he doesn’t like to shout about it…

ABF-engined Voomeran wide arches Volkswagen Golf Mk2

We don’t feature many cars from Italy for some reason, but when we do. Well, just look at it…

Euro-look Series 1 Volkswagen Golf MK1 runs Polo 1.4 16v

After a brain injury left him in a coma, Mick Matthew’s stunning Mk1 Golf project was nearly his last. Luckily, he’s now back to full health and plans on enjoying his latest and greatest build to the full...

352bhp 2.8 VR6 AAA GT32-turbo engined Volkswagen Golf Mk2

One of the most featured cars to appear in the pages of PVW, Vic Sharma certainly knows how to reinvent when it comes to his VR Turbo.

Chris Smith’s stunning Berg Cup inspired 300bhp 1.8-turbo 1982 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk1

Trimmer by day, road racer by night… Chris Smith’s 300bhp Mk1 Golf is far from subtle, but then we don’t think it was ever meant to be.

Editor's comment
This month we decided a track day theme would work well, especially given more of you guys are deciding to - sensibly - hit the circuit with your tuned cars, rather than tempting fate on the public highway. And we’ve got a real interesting mix of machines for you, too, including a 300bhp Berg Cup-inspired Mk1 Golf
500whp 2003 Volkswagen Golf GTI MkIV

Don’t let that Chrome Blue wrap confuse you into thinking this fourth-gen Golf is purely all-show and no go. As Bryan McCarthy discovers, it’s got plenty of ‘go’ to back up that show!

Chris Baird’s carbon-clad 510hp 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport Edition 40 Mk7

More than half way through the Golf GTI’s fifth decade, and Chris Baird’s carbon-clad 510hp Volkswagen Golf Clubsport Edition 40 Mk7 shows the hot hatch bloodline still has plenty of tricks up its sleeve…

Tuned 2.0-litre engined 1975 Volkswagen Golf Mk1

When a water-cooled VW goes down a storm at the hot rod school of excellence that is the SEMA show, you know it’s going to be a winner. Aaron Stehly has hit the jackpot with this one...

Rebuilt 1.8T BAM 20v engined 225bhp 1979 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk1

Whilst the owner of this stunning Mk1 makes a living out of new technology, he clearly gets his kicks from a more traditional source. Log on and compute the vibe with us…

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