Sales debate - how does the GT3 market view the PDK-only Porsche 911 991.1?

Sales debate - how does the GT3 market view the PDK-only Porsche 911 991.1?

Looking at the lineage of GT3 production, one model stands out: the 991.1 variant. Of all the iterations, the 991.1 is the only one that wasn’t available with a manual gearbox. Does that make a difference to how the market views it, compared to its peers?

Philip Raby of Philip Raby Specialist Cars suggests that it doesn’t. “Most people are happy with the idea of PDK now, and accept it. There’s a good market for PDK GT3s, but if you really wanted a manual, you’d probably just buy a Gen2 version.”

Jonathan Aucott of Avantgarde Classics has a slightly different take: he thinks that actually, the manuals may have the edge – just. “Porsche probably underestimated the desirability of the manual car, possibly after the 911 R. The used market demonstrates that the manual is more valuable, with 991.2 and 992 cars.” That idea possibly explains the strength of 997 GT3 values too, he adds. While Jonathan thinks this may mark the 991.1 out as a relative bargain, Philip does point out the strength of the market for PDK cars, backed up by the numbers that were specced with the ’box from the dealer.

It is worth highlighting that fastest laps around the ‘Ring are always attempted, where possible, by a Porsche equipped with a PDK gearbox. Then again, these benchmark laps are undertaken by professional drivers, and us mere mortals are not likely to match that time in either a PDK or manual 911 anyway. Philip says: “Most people can’t touch those lap times, but there is an appeal to some owners in having the model that can”.

Both of our specialists highlight the enduring appeal of the earlier models – notably for their Mezger engine, a definite draw for enthusiasts. “People do love those engines,” says Philip, who believes that the 996 GT3 will likely reach classic status one day, partly for this reason, and partly for their lower production numbers.

Is there a clear outcome? Yes and no: it is down to the individual, perhaps. Some owners want the millisecond change of the PDK, others the satisfaction of the manual. The lesson may be that each GT3 model offers a slightly different slant on the same brief. Accept each for what they are, and find the one that best suits your aim.

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