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Sales debate - how does the GT3 market view the PDK-only Porsche 911 991.1?
Looking at the lineage of GT3 production, one model stands out: the 991.1 variant. Of all the iterations, the 991.1 is the only one that wasn’t available with a manual gearbox. Does that make a difference to how the market views it, compared to its peers? Philip Raby of Philip Raby Specialist Cars suggests that it doesn’t. “Most people are happy with the idea of PDK now, and accept it. There’s a good market for PDK GT3s, but if you really wanted a manual, you’d probably just buy a Gen2 version.
991.1 GT3 engines Everything you need to know about Porsche’s GT-spec MA1 flat six
The 991.1 GT3 is a brilliant sports car when on song, but is its engine its weak point? Total 911 investigates… Written by Kieron Fennelly 991.1 GT3 engines - Why were they recalled, and why have they been revised? Our deep-dive reveals all The BURNING QUESTION of the 991.1 GT3 Schadenfreude – pleasure at the misfortune of others. Strangely, this human if rather reprehensible trait has no word to describe it in English and the language has to resort to a foreign word to convey the sense.
Porsche 911 991
A rolling showcase of fresh Porsche technology and a redevelopment of the 911 for a new generation, the 991 is available in a huge number of different engine, trim and body options... Words Dan Furr. Photography Petersen Automotive Museum. BUYING GUIDE: 991 Hints and tips for the hunt Last of the narrow bodies. Last of the naturally aspirated 911 Carreras. Return of the classic Targa hoop. These are just three of the 991's claims to fame.
Sales debate - Should you be worried about buying a Porsche 911 GT3 991.1?
The 991.1 GT3 has certainly led an interesting life to date: unveiled to much animosity in spring 2013 due to its non-Mezger engine, electric-assisted steering and PDK-only transmission, by the autumn early cars were catching fire, which led to a worldwide recall and replacement engines. The saga rumbled on for months and proved costly for the company, yet unbelievably the 991.1 GT3’s stock remained high among enthusiasts, with used examples trading for well above list price.
Porsche 911 GT3 RS 991.1
It’s the most populous Porsche Rennsport of all time, and for good reason. Total 911 presents the full dossier on the 991.1 GT3 RS, with technical and market insights from specialists Written by Kieron Fennelly. Photography by Damian Blades. Porsche Index: 991.1 GT3 RS Your comprehensive guide to the most populous Porsche Rennsport of all time The Rennsport moniker was first applied to the 1973 Carrera 2.
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