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When Tweaked Performance’s main man, Gerald Morten was considering a project car, he just had to scratch the Mk2 Golf GTI itch that had been bugging him for the last 40 years.
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All original paint 1988 BMW 325i Sport Manual E30
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1988 Ferrari Testarossa GTR by Gemballa - the Testarossa was Ferrari’s ultimate 1980s supercar. Gemballa took it a stage further… How Gemballa turned an iconic Ferrari into the ultimate expression of 1980s excess
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1988 Ford Scorpio 2.0i Manual blue EU-spec
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There are countless personal reasons why it can happen, but some cars just get under your skin, and parting company can leave a void that ultimately only one machine can fill. Re-capturing that feeling years later is never easy, held up by a dwindling stock of once readily available base cars and finding the right parts. As if that’s not hard enough, Leigh Parker had the added challenge of managing the long-planned resto-mod from the other side of the world.
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