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1988 Cizeta-Moroder V16T

Power of 16 Exotic Italian supercars don’t come much more extreme than the late Claudio Zampolli’s ‘excess all areas’ V16T with its 16-cylinder engine. We uncover its secrets.

1988 BMW 635CSi Highline E24

It might be over 30-years since E24 production ended but it’s still got Six appeal by the barrel load, is this one of the best classic BMWs ever made?

1988 Ferrari Testarossa GTR by Gemballa

It's rare that someone sees a Ferrari Testarossa and thinks it needs to be more outrageous. But one man did, and the GTR by Gemballa was the result

1988 Porsche Type 965 Prototype

The story of Porsche’s sub-959 supercar The 965 could have replaced the Turbo outright – and even introduced a V8 engine. But it never got beyond a prototype, as Total 911 discovers…

120bhp XR Challenge-powered, Vista Orange 1988 Ford Fiesta Mk2

Having owned XR2s in his youth, Doug Scheller had long fantasised about owning another. And then one day, at the age of 45, a fruity citrus hit turned the dream into reality

1988 BMW M3 2.4-litre E30

Purchased in pieces and without an engine, this E30 M3 was rescued and rebuilt, and with a 2.4 S14 under the bonnet, it’s better than ever

1988 Giocat Tolo Group B

It’s clearly been a labour of love. A high school crush consummated after decades of yearning, you can tell just from the way he looks at it.

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