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Porsche 911 Carrera 4S 997 vs. Boxster S 987

Norfolk is one of the only counties in the UK without motorways. Instead, it features countless twisty backroads, ideal for darting around in a Porsche. No wonder 911 & Porsche World editor, Dan Furr, and long-time contributor, Johnny Tipler, live there...

2023 Porsche 718 Boxster 25 Years 982

To mark quarter-century of the Boxster, Porsche released the limited edition 718 25 Years, a stylish commemorative model based on the same-generation GTS 4.0. We hit the road in one of only 1,250 examples...

Porsche Boxster 986 - 25 years of bargain roadster

Sharing parts between the 911 and the Boxster ensured Porsche’s survival — and created a junior sports car of uncommon capability. Ben Barry drives a hard bargain, 25 years on

1996 Porsche Boxster 2.5 986

Porsche was in an even greater degree of trouble than BMW by the early Nineties. As well as suffering the same set of economic woes, it had no volume-built products in its range to bail it out.

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