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1962 Triumph Spitfire 4

The Triumph Spitfire put Le Mans glamour into the hands of the mass market, at home and abroad. We drive one of the earliest survivors and explore the impact it made in the Sixties – and continues to make today

1967 Triumph TR5 PI - Driving the first TR5 off the production line, Press Car Number 5

Triumph prototype CP-2-0 was the first TR5 off the Canley assembly line and cautious owners have preserved its originality ever since. We drive Britain’s first fuel-injected production sports car

1959-1961 Triumph Italia 2000

The prolific Italian stylist Giovanni Michelotti was a mainstay of Triumph design for well over a decade. These special TR3As signal his starting point.

Triumph 2000 1965-1976 Small six, big heart

Made by Standard-Triumph, just the Triumph name was used for automobiles and the company is better known for its sportscars such as the TR2, 3 and 4

1970 Triumph Stag 3.0 V8

Cool Runnings Did the Stag deserve its reputation? We revisit the British answer to the SL and find out. We revisit the only V8 Triumph and discover just how unfair history has been to BL’s answer to the Mercedes SL… Words: Aaron McKay. Photography: Gregory Owain.

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