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Classic industry fits both ICE and EV in its future
​The rise of electric cars is at once causing controversy and opportunity in the classic car market. The number of companies converting older vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs) continues to increase, with London Electric Cars
Lucid EV wins Motor Trend’s Car of the Year
DrivesToday may have had to put its Car of the Year competition on hold in 2021 because of Covid uncertainty, but Motor Trend’s annual crowning of its Car of the Year has gone ahead… and this year’s winner will certainly stir up a lot of interest.
EV Clean-sheet two-seater for 2030
How will Britain’s low-volume car makers survive the upcoming ban on new ICE cars? Steve Cropley sits down with Equipmake and WEVC to plan an enthusiast’s electric roadster
Is there an electric charging etiquette?
​As readers will be well aware, there’s a big shift happening. And while we can count ourselves as ‘early adopters’, with a keen interest in technology and motoring in general, the majority face a plunge into the world of electric driving
Driving business green initiative boosts benefits of electric vehicles
​An innovative green initiative helped promote the benefits to the environment and businesses of switching to electric vehicles and renewable energy
Will my EV battery deteriorate like the one in my smartphone does?
Next to driving range, the life of an EV’s battery pack is often one of the biggest worries cited by prospective electric car buyers
Are electric classics the equivalent of a modern barn conversion?
​I remember the launch of the new MGB. Not the 1962 launch, for obvious reasons – I was born almost 30 years too late to witness that.
EV Policy: rouge nation
​It’s every state and territory for itself as the federal government declines to take the lead on EV policy. Here’s the current state of play.
Most battery packs from hybrids or EVs also have long potential second lives
​One of the main arguments in favour of electric cars is that they produce far lower CO2 emissions in use than petrols or diesels.
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