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Bob considers which BMWs represent the best value as future classics
I’m sure we’ve all got stories about the one that got away. The car we sold, the car we were offered or could have bought for what now seems like a knock-down bargain price. Of course, if I’d known that BMW E52 Z8s were going to go mad in recent years I’d have bought the one I was offered at around £40k by a main dealer not long after it was launched.
Ted Kalman’s 1987 BMW 535iS E28
We love to see BMWs that are cared for but also used and enjoyed because that’s what they’ve been built for. That’s most definitely the case with Ted Klamn’s E28 535is. This 1987 example has a staggering 425,000km on the clock, that’s over 264,000 miles, and we applaud that. The 535is is a US model, which came with Sport seats and front and rear spoilers, and Ted’s example looks gorgeous in Zinnobar red.
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