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NV Motorsport’s 2022 BMW M3 G80
So with the new Midnight Purple look, the car deserved a set of NV Forged wheels, and we went with our brand new NVF-03C design, finished in the Champagne Brushed Gold. These are 2kg lighter per corner compared to the already ultralight BMW M wheels, and reducing unsprung mass is key to the agility of a heavyweight M car. We have maintained the OEM staggered setup with a slightly wider stance, opting for 19” at the front and 20” rears, maintaining all driveability and better grip.
Buyers Guide BMW F30 / F31 3 Series
When it was launched ten years ago the F30 was the most advanced 3 Series ever made, today it represents an excellent used buy... Words: Words: Bob Harper Photography: BMW. Ultimate Guide: BMW F30 / F31 3 Series It’s 10-years since the F30 generation 3 Series arrived in our lives. We delve deep into the model to reveal everything there is to know...
Supercharged 430bhp 1999 BMW 740i E38
Everything about the E38 7 Series is just so right and finished in Individual Scarab green with a host of retrofitted OEM extras and a supercharger under the bonnet, this 740i is peak performance luxury. Words: Elizabeth de Latour Photos: Mustafa Ahmed (@_mu57afa_).
BMW 540i xDrive M Sport Saloon G30
BMW’s low-profile G30 540i xDrive M Sport Saloon is quick, readily tuned and much better value than an M550i or M5. The eye-wateringly expensive £102,000 G30 M5 and £72,000 G30 M550i xDrive might grab most of the 5 Series headlines, but the understated G30 540i xDrive M Sport has all the power and grip you’ll ever need – and is far better value.
M2 F87 buying and owning BMW’s popular pocket rocket
The M2 and M2 Competition could be the last in a grand dynasty of M cars – small, agile, analogue and a hoot to drive. Buy now before it’s too late. Words: Bob Harper. Photography: Jason Dodd. The Last Emperor?  The M2 F87 is the car of the moment – find out everything you need to know about owning this BMW M pocket rocket. So what’s the best M car you can buy and own right now? The one that will have enthusiasts of the future going all dewy-eyed and wishing for the good old days?
Buying Guide BMW M1 E26
The best of the best? Looks, performance, rarity, even its own racing series… is this the ultimate BMW M car? Robert Ladbrook considers the argument. The case of the BMW M1 is an interesting one. Technically it was a fleeting diversion from the norm, birthed out of the desire to beat Porsche at its own game, built in small numbers and only active for a few years. It’s flash-in-the-pan stuff. But what a few years they were.
Buying Guide BMW Z4 E85/E86
This bargain roadster is a great sports car and a design icon – find a sorted example and in time it may even cover its own running costs. Words Richard Dredge. Photography John Colley. Five steps to buying a BMW Z4 E85/E86 Buying Guide Get yourself a big-performance BMW Z4 for small change What to pay Scruffy running four-cylinder Z4s can be found for £1500. Decent examples come in at £3000, with £4000 buying an excellent one. £3000 is the starting point for a nice non-M six-cylinder roadster.
Buyers Guide BMW 3 Series E36
One of the most sensible and satisfying purchases on the market right now, says James Walshe BMW 3 Series E36 WISE BUYER James Walshe shows you how to buy BMW’s bargain 3-Series before it’s too late. There aren’t many modern classics that combine a rewarding driving experience with such exceptional usability as successfully as an E36 BMW.
BMW E39 Ignition Switch Replacement
We address a common issue on the E39-generation 5 Series, if yours is playing up here’s how to save yourself a bit of money with our easy fix. Ignition switch failure was one of the first problems that cropped up on the E39, and it took some working out what the problems were.
The ones that got away AMG C63
There is no AMG C63  in this test, and hence for the first time in as long as we can recall, a sports saloon shoot-out hasn’t been overlaid with the furious, bassy score of an AMG V8. And, in case you haven’t heard, there will be no more AMG V8s, not in C-class saloons at any rate. The more expensive models will survive. For now.
Old cars, like old bars, should be enjoyed while they last says John...
As Ted the Jack Russell and I were on our usual walk last night, we were about a hundred metres from the local social club when I was suddenly hit by the smell of an old bar. Despite having lived in this village for over twenty years and walking a dog past this spot just about every single day during that time, it was the first time I ever really noticed the smell.
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