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Ellenator - this Fiat 500 seems to be missing something…
Democratic motoring is something that Fiat has always done well. Low prices, easy maintenance, practical packaging, logical design – Fiat consistently delivers. But a company in Germany has found a way to make the current-model Fiat 500 even more democratic, by exploiting a local legal loophole that allows it to be driven by 16-year olds and older people who don’t have a modern driving licence.
Buying Guide Fiat Nuova 500 1957-1975
Buy a chic and cheeky Fiat 500 without getting a slap. ‘The 500 has long been a cult car, but since Fiat revived the brand in 2008 interest in the originals has gone stratospheric’. 7 steps to buying a Fiat Nuova 500 It’s a charming, usable classic, but there are poor examples trying to ride the wave of renewed interest. Here’s how not to get swept up and caught out. Words Richard Dredge. Photography Bauer Archive.
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