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Buying Guide Honda S2000
With numbers thinning and prices rising, now’s the time to move Words RICHARD DREDGE, JAMES WALSHE AND SAM DAWSON Photography MAGIC CAR PICS Buying Guide It’s time to buy the Nineties’ most sought-after roadster – Honda’s S2000 Honda took nearly a decade to respond to arch-rival Mazda’s MX-5, but with the S2000 it established a new performance benchmark for small sports cars.
2017 Honda NSX - Second-gen supercar’s failure to launch
There’s a thread that runs through an entire bloodline of supercars that we can tease at during their lifetimes but which only really makes itself apparent through the lens of hindsight. Underrated, misunderstood, underbacked or merely out of place and time when they were launched, cars like the BMW M1 E26, the Porsche 911 Carrera RS 964, the Ferrari F50, the McLaren 12C and the BMW i8 all needed time beyond their respective production runs for us to appreciate them for what they achieved.
Staving off dis-Integration 2000 Honda Integra Type R
The Integra has been driving better than ever this summer, and the air-con has proved an effective heatwave antidote. Now it’s time for some long-awaited TLC. Keeping on top of rust is a key part of DC2 ownership. This one has been well maintained, but the previously repaired rear wheelarches were starting to bubble up again when I bought the car. This had barely changed a year later, but a further year on, the driver’s side ’arch is looking considerably more troubling.
Market Watch 2004 Honda Civic Type R (EP3)
Predicting smart buys in the current market is getting tricky. Rising inflation, soaring energy prices, military conflict and reduced consumer spending are all exerting pressure on values. Higher interest rates may also divert cash that might otherwise have been spent on old cars into savings, and the next couple of years may see values of many classics soften further. So, with a deep breath and fingers crossed I’ve chosen five cars that look like they could be Smart Buys for 2022.
Buyers Guide Honda HR-V
Compact hybrid SUV arrives to face a grilling from our high-mileage photographer. Well, this is a result. Put the aggressively muscular Civic Type R and adorable E electric supermini to one side and I wouldn’t have pegged Honda as a particularly style-oriented brand, yet the HR-V crossover I’ve just taken delivery of is actually something of a looker.
Buying Guide Honda Beat PP1 1991-1995
Great things come in small packages – and affordable ones, too THE MARKET  Buying Guide Zebra-patterned seats are a peculiar thing to be remembered for, but it’s one of the reasons the Honda Beat remains so widely adored 31 years after it was launched. Designed within the confines of the tax-beating ‘kei-segment’ city car regulations, this roadster was aimed squarely at the Japanese domestic market, pushing the very limitations of what could be packaged within such confining parameters.
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