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Honda Type R - how it started

Starting as a motorcycle manufacturer in 1948, Honda expanded its business operations to include automobiles in 1963. Prior to that, founder Soichiro Honda (1906–1991) had his people construct the Suzuka Circuit in 1962, believing that a car could not be improved upon unless it was being raced. The first foray into this four-wheel avenue was the T360 truck, followed by the S500 sportscar in October 1963. Predictably, motorsport became embedded in Honda’s vision for his company, which included the automaker’s first participation in Formula 1 from 1964–1968, with only two victories coming in 1965 and 1967.

1972 Honda Civic

A small foot in the door. Civic was pivotal in helping Honda crack the big time in the USA.

2024 Honda Civic Type R FL5

Less of an automotive manga comic book character than its predecessor, but this one has even greater superpowers

1999-2003 Honda S2000 AP1

Honda’s convertible was a technical masterclass that was big on thrills, low on compromise.

1997 Honda Integra Type-R DC2

Welcome to the 90’s — where you could buy a Tamagotchi, supersize your McDonald’s fries, google the worth of your collectible Beanie Baby, pick up a Nirvana CD, and still make it home just in time to watch Friends on NBC. For petrolheads especially, the decade was nothing short of legendary.

2001 Honda Insight (ZE1)

The Honda Insight (ZE1) was powered by a 1.0-litre petrol three-cylinder with the firm’s VTEC variable camshaft profile technology, but that wasn’t even the Insight’s party piece. Instead of a conventional flywheel, it used a 2.5in thick 10kw electric motor

2023 Honda Civic e:HEV - hybrid-only hatchback

Old dog, new tricks. Honda’s latest Civic loses its manual gearbox and goes hybrid.

1998 Honda Accord Type-R Mk6

The Honda Accord Type-R is one of the most undervalued and under-rated performance cars of its generation. We take one to Exmoor for a proper workout

Unique 1974 BMW 2002 Turbo E20 hides 252bhp F20C 2.0-litre Honda power!

This modified 2002 can do it all: it’s a reliable daily, a manic track weapon, practical for the school run, a gleaming showstopper – but it’s hiding a surprise under the bonnet…

1985 Honda Acty

A long-held love of micro-vans and trucks meant that when Phil Egan spotted this odd little Acty up for sale, it was just too good an opportunity to miss.

1991 Honda NSX

The List Senna superfan tries the car his hero helped to develop: Honda’s NSX. Eddie wanted to drive the supercar developed by Ayrton Senna so badly that he drove for 12 hours to try one out…

2022 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition FK8

The age-old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” hasn’t stopped Honda from updating the FK8 Civic Type R. Has the risk paid off?

2022 Honda Ballade RS 1,5 CVT

Has the updated Ballade upheld the reputation of its longstanding nameplate? Here are our findings after a three-month test.

The innovators - 1981 Honda Accord - First-map-based navigation system

The cars we drive today were influenced by these pioneers First-map-based navigation system

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