Lamborghini Diablo SV-R Super Trophy
The most raging bull. Sometimes things go further than just a single-make series, says Robert Ladbrook. This racer sparked a sports car revolution. THE SHOWROOM  Race car buying Some may try to lump the original Lamborghini Super Trophy into the same category as so many other run-of- the-mill single-make racing championships, but you shouldn’t.
Buying Guide BMW M1 E26
The best of the best? Looks, performance, rarity, even its own racing series… is this the ultimate BMW M car? Robert Ladbrook considers the argument. The case of the BMW M1 is an interesting one. Technically it was a fleeting diversion from the norm, birthed out of the desire to beat Porsche at its own game, built in small numbers and only active for a few years. It’s flash-in-the-pan stuff. But what a few years they were.
The Victor Gauntlett is pretty much what I’d design if left with a blank sheet of paper
There haven’t been many people in this industry to whom I warmed more immediately than Victor Gauntlett, whom I last saw in 2001, 10 years after he left Aston Martin’s chair and about 18 months before his death aged just 60. Victor was many things, well-to-do, ebullient and funny among them, but so too was he modest, kind and had a brain sharper even than the cut of his tailor-made suits.
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