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Tailgate No Time to Drive - Sam considers the choice of Bond Astons
As I write, it is the weekend after the unveiling of new James Bond film No Time To Die, and less than 24 hours ago I was sitting in my local Showcase De Luxe cinema enjoying what, for my money, is Daniel Craig’s best outing as the famous MI6 agent. I’m not going to issue any major spoilers in this column, so don’t be scared of reading on if you haven’t watched it yet. But its attitude toward Bond cars has somewhat bewildered me.
Bulldog resto all the latest progress, and a look back at the press reception in Spring 1980
The body panels are on, the wiring is in, and the engine is back together – Bulldog’s restoration enters the home straight. Photography Words John Simister AMY SHORE/CMC. Light show RESTORATION BULLDOG ‘The doors go on today,’ says Nigel Woodward, head of Classic Motor Cars of Bridgnorth where the Bulldog is undergoing the most painstaking of resurrections. It’s not the first time the powered gullwing doors have been on during the Bulldog’s time at CMC.
The Victor Gauntlett is pretty much what I’d design if left with a blank sheet of paper
There haven’t been many people in this industry to whom I warmed more immediately than Victor Gauntlett, whom I last saw in 2001, 10 years after he left Aston Martin’s chair and about 18 months before his death aged just 60. Victor was many things, well-to-do, ebullient and funny among them, but so too was he modest, kind and had a brain sharper even than the cut of his tailor-made suits.
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