McLaren F1 wins the supercar wars
Can a car with the status of the McLaren F1 really be considered a giant-killer? Yes it can, when you consider the circumstances it was born into. The supercar wars raged throughout the Eighties, fuelled by the demands of wealthy market speculators who often traded their appreciating-asset supercars without actually driving them. But the cars needed credible high performance, so the technology came straight from the track.
Second-hand Jensen Interceptor
Fraught, frustrating and yet utterly fabulous, there was nothing quite like the ownership experience of a second-hand Jensen Interceptor. THE INSIDERSMy first clear consciousness of Jensen Interceptors began on my walk to school in the mid-Seventies in Leicester. At an agreeable Edwardian house in Stoneygate lived a bright blue example, registered 1 BLU. On frosty mornings I’d hear the distant rumble of its idle from the next street as its owner warmed it up.
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